Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Day Dream

“Will you be my date?” he asked her holding her hand in his.
She was confused. “Did you get short term remembering loss? We have been dating for the past eight months.” Mandira went back to drinking her cold coffee.
Kiran laughed at her reply. “I was asking you to be my date for Sujay’s wedding.”
That stopped her slurping for a moment. “Won’t you be going with your buddies?”
“Well most of them are either married or engaged and would be accompanied by their significant other.”
“Oh…” she was fiddling with her ring. The ring with which Kiran had proposed to her last month.
“You don’t want to?”
“Not like that. It’s just…” she let the sentence trail. She really did not have a reason. She was just hesitant.
“This would be the best occasion. We can go public with our relationship.” He beamed for a moment.
She went down in her seat while mumbling “You can just change relationship status in facebook for that na.”

He started laughing at her embarrassment.
“Why are you scared? You know almost everyone in my group right?”
“That is exactly why I am not willing to go. They all knew very well how big of a crush I had on you back then. The entire school knew. Except you!” she almost covered her face knowing she was blushing.
Kiran sat next to Mandira. “Look… There is nothing to be embarrassed about. We have known each other since school. Have been dating for almost a year now. My mom adores you for god-knows-what reason and your family seems to be happy about our engagement. So let me flaunt you to my friends… Please?”
"I am not some iPhone to flaunt you know..." she raised her eyebrow.
"No.. You are not. You are not as good as an iPhone."
Now she got upset. "Is it?"
"No... You will never be... You are much more than a flimsy phone. You are my life. C'mon..."

"C'mon Mandy..." Mandira was shook back to reality by her friend. She hadn't realized that she had been staring at Kiran for so long and none of her friends actually noticed it. 
"Oh I am not coming. You guys go and dance." she encouraged them to leave her alone. 
That was a pretty elaborate day dream to have during a school reunion. She looked back again to find the hero of her dreams still talking on his iPhone. But that was when she saw that he had been looking at her the entire time. 

May be he too had the same dream as her. 


A really short story. And I got stuck with the ending part for quite a bit. Thanks to Kishor who helped me finish it well. And also made me sit and write it as well. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Late night delivery

Ramya sat in her room browsing through the restaurants that offered late night food delivery. It was around 1 am and she had the sudden craving for some briyani. Given that she hadn't eaten anything since brunch didn't help her much. 
Opening one such restaurant's site she quickly looked through the menu. They had briyani within the money she had at hand. Cursing her PMS that didn't let her go out all week she dialled the number. 

"Hello, Take out box." She heard the male voice on her phone. 
"Hi, I would like to place an order for delivery at Nobo nagar."
"Yes ma'am."
"Yeah... I want one chicken briyani."
"That's it." she was hoping he would just take in that for an order.
"Ma'am it would be nice if there was a minimum order." 
She felt bad. It was rather late. The next ATM was a good kilometer away from her place. 
"I don't have any more money to order another dish. I have just enough for one." 
"We can't order without minimum order ma'am."
"Oh. Then alright. Please cancel the order." she spoke and hung up quickly. 
Looking at the maggi pack that was nearing expiry date she sighed. "Looks like briyani will have to wait till tomorrow."

She was startled when her phone started ringing. It was from the restaurant. 
"We are calling from Take out box." this time it was a different guy. 
"We will deliver it ma'am. Please give us your address."
She felt like she had just won the lottery. 
"Its No.10, 1st main road, Nobo nagar."
"Alright ma'am. Our delivery person will call you in a while." 
The line went dead. 

What better can she ask for? She was happy. 
When she heard the door bell she took out the last two hundred rupee notes left in her purse and skipped to the living room. 
The moment she opened the door colour drained from her face. She just stood there gaping at the person who was holding her food package. 

"Vishnu?" she uttered. 
"Aren't you gonna let me in?" he looked behind her to see that almost the whole house was dark. 
"What are you doing here?" she managed to ask. 
She was not about to let her ex-fiance inside her place late at night that easily. 
"Ah... I came to deliver your briyani?" he pointed to the bag in his hand. 
"But... You are not a delivery guy." 
"I can explain if you do let me in..." he spoke with pleading eyes. 

"You must be hungry. First eat rams..." 
Although she didn't want to eat in front of him, her grumbling tummy did not seem to agree with her pride. Opening the package she devoured the spicy rice. 
"Take out box is one of my ventures. I run it with a friend." Vishnu started speaking. "I heard your voice in speaker while he was taking your order. I knew how you get these midnight cravings. So I made them accept your order. Even offered to deliver it myself." 
When she gave him the is-that-all look he added "Plus I wanted to meet you." 
Within minutes she had finished eating and discarded the box. 
"Here" she handed him a bottle of water. 
"That still doesn't answer my question." 
"I just told you..." 
"No... You said how you came here. Not why you came..."
"I... I just thought I'll..." 
"You will what? See how pathetic I am? What sort of miserable life I am leading? Is that it?" 
"Then what Vishnu?" she felt all her emotions surfacing. She was struggling to keep them under check. She did not want him to see her vulnerable. 
"I just missed you. And wanted to see..." he couldn't continue. 
He knew he was at fault. His parents were the ones who broke the engagement. That too right after Ramya lost her parents in a freak accident. They saw it as a bad omen and did not want an unfortunate girl as their daughter-in-law. 
Vishnu didn't do much to fight. And that hurt her more. He did not defend her. 
"Well now that you have seen me, I suggest that you leave." 
"Please let me explain..." 
"What was there to explain? I understand your situation. Your parents were the ones who chose me for you. And when they decided that I was not fit for the role, they broke it off. After one year of courting I shouldn't have thought that maybe you did fall in love with me like I did with you. You were just following your mother's instructions right? No need to explain Vishnu..." Tears threatened to escape. She was shaking by then. The very memories she was trying to forget were flashing in her head. 
"Just... Please Ramya..."
"Please leave..." 
He did not want to create a scene. He walked towards the door. 
"One minute!" 
He almost smiled while turning around. His smile faltered when she thrust the money in his hand. 
"Thanks for the food." 
And a door slammed in front of him. He didn't stand there for long to listen the loud sobs that echoed through the doorway. 

Few months later

Ramya was looking at the menu. 
"Okay I will have the blueberry cheesecake..."
"How many pieces?" 
"The whole thing!" 
"That would be 8 pieces in total. Will that be it?" 
"Umm... yeah... I think!" She said in a doubtful manner. "When can you bring it here?" 
"I will be right home with your order ma'am." 
"Ma'am ah?" she giggled. 
"Yeah apparently my pregnant wife is craving for an entire cheese cake at 3 in the morning. So I have to rush." Vishnu spoke with a smirk on his face. 
"Just come home soon Vish!" she lovingly caressed the baby bump which had begun to show off. 

That one night her craving was what brought him back into her life. Why is she going to complain about her cravings ever again?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2. The Night


'Why does my life feel like some cheesy tamil flick?' Sanju thought as the aunties in the room kept giggling for no apparent reason.
She did not understand why they were so shy and hush-hush about something like this. Its not like this is going to be her first time or her first time WITH Krish. She had to stifle her laughter as that thought crossed her mind. 
Krish's family knew that they dated briefly. But none knew that they were actually just friends with some extra benefits. 

Sanjana met Krish through a mutual friend at a party. They did go out on dates but more than romance they clicked in a different way. When things heated up between them, they decided to try out the novel idea of Friends With Benefits. Something everyone thought and still think is a myth. 
Well if not for this awkward marriage things were going pretty smooth between them as far as Sanjana was concerned. 

Moments later she found herself inside Krish's bedroom. She has never been here. Her earlier visits to his house was restricted to the first floor living room and kitchen. She noticed that her bags were lying in the corner of the room and started rummaging through them to find a good enough sleep wear. She was sure as hell not going to sleep in silk saree. 

"Looking for something?" Krish's voice startled her. 
"You scared me there idiot." she got up holding a set of pajamas. 
And then it was silent. Both of them just stood there not knowing what to do next. 
"Uh..." Krish broke the thick fog of stillness. "Why don't you get changed? The dressing room is over there." he pointed at the door behind Sanju. 
Nodding she hurriedly left. 
Once safely behind the door she thought 'Its not like he hasn't seen me naked. Why in the world am I changing in here?
By the time she came back he had switched off most lights leaving the night lamp. 
Sitting on the other side of the bed Sanjana spoke. "What now?" 
"You mean right now? Or as in what-happens-next-in-our-lives now?" 
"The latter obviously. I just want to sleep tonight mister." 
'And there I thought marriage would mean more sex from day one.' Krish sighed. 
"Sanz... Nothing changes according to me. You are just going to be living in a different house and share a roof with my family. That is all..." 
She was not convinced with his answer. But she knew they both did not have a better answer. 
"Oh! And don't bother to wake up soon tomorrow. Mom mentioned some temple trip later in the day. So save up your energy." He said pulling up the sheets. 

Awkward moment part two for Sanju came up now. She has never "slept" with anyone. Not after she turned 10. They have never been cuddle buddies or had the opportunity to sleep off after their rendezvous. 
Taking in a deep breathe she pulled the sheet over her and hoped she does not kick him off the bed.


Up Next- The First Date

Friday, May 20, 2016

Candy Crush

"Hey sweety...." She waved at her laptop monitor. It was around midnight and she was video conferencing with her boyfriend who happens to be studying at the NYU.
"Finally... I have to be pretty low. Or my flatmates are going to catch me to clean up the kitchen." he spoke as he sat down a bit flustered.

Working out a long distance relationship was a bit of a hard work for them. Given that they had been pretty inseparable throughout college and had taken up different paths at one point. What turned out even more challenging was the time difference between India and America.
By the time both of them got free enough it was usually midnight for one of them.

"Did you have your dinner?" he asked her as usual.
She smiled.
"Yeah. And you don't have work today?"
"Oh I have to go by 5. So we have about an hour?" he said calculating how much sleep she would get.
He was always worried about how she was missing out sleep for him.
"I don't have work until 11 am tomorrow. Don't worry." she smiled almost reading his mind.

Just then his phone rang.
"Oh its my professor. I gotta take this..." he said in an apologetic tone.
Giving him the go ahead, she sat there staring at him.
It had become another one their short duration calls again. They hardly get to spend time together. Another six months and she would have saved enough money to go visit him.
Thinking that staring might creep him out, she took her phone and started playing candy crush. The only game she plays to kill time like she had to now.

"I am back.." his voice made her look into the laptop again.
"What are you doing?"
"Oh! just playing this dumb game..." she showed her phone hoping he would get a clear visual of her phone screen.
"I think I stopped playing it after level 365 I think." he shrugged.
For a moment she was dumbfounded. "Dude... I have been stuck in this 105th level for weeks..."
He laughed now.
"And what is the matter with you? You happen to have the highest score in most of the levels... Geek!"
"Hey... what do you mean by most of the levels?"
"Well.. some of the levels had other high scorers. Like this one does not have you in the first position..." she said checking the name in the score list.
"Its my friend's aunt." she chuckled at that one.
"I am beat by an old lady?" he spoke with a dead pan look.
"Oh.. you are so cute.." she giggled. With that she saw him not looking at the camera but doing some other work on his laptop.
"What are you doing?"
"Candy crush... You said 105 right? Let me get to the first place in that level..."
He was seriously opening that game and scrolling down to get to that level.
"Its just a game man..." She didn't know how to react.
"No... I can't let an old lady beat me in front of you."
"Hey C'mon... we hardly get time to talk and you want to spend that playing a stupid game?"
"Well this is important for me. I gotta impress my girl."
"By playing a game and getting high score?" it was getting late. Another 20 minutes and he will have to leave.
"This is not fair. You just want to waste time like this."
She was angry now.
More disappointed than angry.
"And done..." he announced.
"This is not a waste of time. This is me impressing my girl." He grinned.
She couldn't help but smile at his gimmicks. He made her smile no matter what.


"Oye... Sent you a candy crush request. Need one of those tickets to go to the next level..." She told her friend while having lunch.
Her friend looked at her funnily. "You know there are better games to play... Instead of lame candy crush."
"I know... Its just a game to kill time for me."
After a prolonged silence  "It reminds you of him... Doesn't it?"
She just looked at her friend with surprise. "How?"
"You just had this dreamy look now. Not much of a surprise."
She smiled. That was all she could do.
"But I don't understand. He is gone. He has moved on. And you are still hanging on to him?"
"Well this game has some pleasant memories that makes me smile even now." She went back to her sandwich smiling at a certain


I did know someone who literally had high scores in every single level of candy crush. A grade A geek I suppose. 
A person I respect no matter what. Hope they read this and remember our memory over candy crush. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Red Saree

Annie was getting ready to meet her fiance at the art gallery. As she finished putting on the red lipstick she checked the time. She still had a good one hour to go. 
The sky was pretty dark already. 
"I better get a cab before it starts raining." she thought. 


Not wasting a minute Prakash fished out his phone and dialed Annie's number. It was busy. For a moment he relaxed. 
He cannot let anyone harm Annie. 
His senses were on high alert. The line was still busy. He was beginning to get worried. 

“Which route do you prefer madam?” she heard the driver ask.
“Oh you can take the fastest one. I don’t mind.”
She was a bit uncomfortable with the driver’s appearance. Something about him didn’t seem quite right apart from his shabby appearance. He sounded way too squeaky for a tall, dark guy.
Annie was thankful that he was not one of those chatterbox drivers who won’t shut up.
“Why are you turning here?” 
“This is just a shortcut madam. Don’t worry.” He assured her.
Not trusting him she tried locating herself on GPS only to realize she wasn’t getting signal enough for internet.
She did the next best thing she could in such a situation.
She called up her best friend.

“Don’t tell me you are going to buy this one!” The little girl exclaimed bringing him back to earth.
He hadn’t realized that she was next to him till then.
“Oh not really. I am just waiting for someone.” He hoped she would leave him be.
“Is it your wife?” Catherine pried not caring if she was being impolite.
“Huh... No… She is my fiancĂ©.” He then mentally smacked himself for answering her.
“Could you please stop bothering me miss?” he added. He was still trying to reach Annie.
To his horror now the number was not reachable. He was close to alerting the control room about his would-be.
Relief washed over him when he could hear the phone ring on the other side.
“Oh please pick up.”  He muttered under his breathe.


Next day:
“Have you gotten any identification?” Prakash spoke as he inspected the body, or what was left of it.
The body was horribly mutilated and the face was distorted beyond recognition. Her heart and intestines were missing from the disemboweled abdomen.
“Yes sir. Her name is Mary Sagayam. She lives with one more girl in this apartment. Her flat-mate came back home from her night shift and couldn’t open the door. They opened the front door using the landlord’s master key.”
This was getting way too similar to Jack the Ripper case now. 
As he was leaving the room he noticed something taped on the window.
Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
What’s red will be mine;
This is your next clue.

With a sudden shiver Prakash flipped the paper to find a picture of himself from the previous evening holding hands with Annie who was wearing a bright red saree. 


This post is a part of the “Tagged” Contest by writer Kaarthika and The Chennai Bloggers Club. Kaarthika’s book is being released on May 29. Do pre-order it on Amazon.

I now tag Jenny to continue to story here.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

1. The Knot

“I have no idea how mom managed to look so elegant in this heavy ass saree man!” Sanjana complained as the beautician smiled and pinned the saree in place. 
Just then a bespectacled girl enters the room. “Its time Sanjana…” she smiles. 
“You go on ahead Veni… I will come…” 
“No I am supposed to bring you to the mandapam. Mom’s instructions…” 
“Geeze.. Its not like I am going to run off ma…” Sanjana complained again and got up. 
“Oh no no… It is part of the tradition. Sister in law should escort the bride.” She grinned as she did a bit of touch up to herself. 

Veni escorts her to the stage where she sees Krish listening to the pandit. She could see that he is trying hard to control his tears thanks to the smoke coming from the homam. Once she is all settled next to him “If I cry I’ll ruin my makeup.How much longer of this puja?” she asked. 
“God knows. I don’t remember it being this long for my brother.” 
He was about to say something when his mother shushed him from behind making Sanjana giggle all the more. 
She didn't feel like she was sitting through her marriage. Instead she felt like sitting through a boring lecture with a close buddy and trying to make conversation so that one doesn’t fall asleep and get caught. 
There was a long silence between them as they listened to all that the purohidhar said and asked them to do. 
One of her father’s closest friends had agreed upon giving her hand away. 
As he came up to do the kanikka dhaanam he had tears in his eyes. 
Sanjana was happy that her father had left her in the care of such a soft hearted person. 

The purohidhar gave the mangal sutra aka thaali to Krish. 
“Here it goes…” Sanjana spoke to herself. 
“Did I tell you that you look unusually pretty today?” Kris told her before tying the the yellow thread around her neck while Sanjana just looked at him not knowing how to react to his little comment. 

This would be the second time he has complimented her in the time she had known him. 
The comment startled her very much. She just got married to her friend and already things are starting to sound different from before… 

“Oh What am I signing up for?” she thought as she heard people congratulating her and forced a smile like she had been doing for the past two days. 

Up Next - The Night

Just a series I am starting. A random plot that got into my head after I finished reading a book named Gachar Gochar. Hope you all like it. 
Oh Exulansis means when there isn't an actual word for what we try to explain. Suits me and the story! Or when I come up with a better name would change it to that. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some Coffee and a Story to go with it

"How old were you?" he asked sipping on the hot coffee.
"Huh... I was in 8th grade. So I guess around 13?"
"Okay... Continue..."
She gave him one playful look. But started narrating.
"It was after that year's cultural program. Until then I had no idea that such a guy was in my school. One of the new girls in my class was pretty popular by then and she had already gotten a few proposals as well. He was one among them."
Gaurav almost spilt the drink. "You developed a crush on a guy who had proposed to one of your best friends?" he exclaimed. The whole story was amusing for him.
"Just listen would you... She rejected him and was happily in a relationship with another guy. So this guy, Prasadh used to come to our classroom at any given excuse. I won't even notice him much. I was one of those anime heroine types. Always sitting next to the window and day dreaming about something or the other. I didn't notice him until we all were pushed into mandatory RSP training. And he became the lead for my class." Sanjana got up to clean the table. They started this whole first crush story right after lunch and she still hadn't cleared the plates also.
"What in the world is RSP?"
"Oh that is one of those service units run by my school. We were the first batch. Road Safety Patrol. The roads leading to my school were pretty hustling and always accident prone. We had training every Friday before school started and duty every Monday morning. RSP duty was where we would help regulate the traffic in and around our campus and our class was scheduled to do that every Monday."
"Let me guess. You were the class leader and had to interact with him quite a lot." Gaurav sat on the kitchen counter now. One of their favourite spots for chit chat.
Sanjana started cleaning the dishes as she continued.
"Actually no. I was never the class leader and I pretty much hated this whole RSP thing. This guy Prasadh wanted to make Hiral miserable with more work. So he would assign all the big stuff for girls. While the boys would get easy tasks. Hiral would hardly turn up for duty or will be very late. And he never noticed that. Naturally I got pretty worked up at the whole scenario and would always end up arguing with him. I hated his guts..."
"Ah... First hate and then love..." he couldn't finish the sing song sentence because he was sure to get a black eye if he continued.
Taking her death stare off him Sanjana went on. "As I was saying, most of my 8th grade went by in hating him and somehow trying to get away from RSP. You see most of these infatuation love thingies won't start from the two individuals involved but a third black sheep who is in no way connected to the whole scene. For me that was Sandhya. That girl's observant powers started the whole problem. One Monday evening we were finishing up duty and the sprinklers were switched on. Me being the crazy girl I have always been started playing in it along with a bunch of primary school kids. I thought my friends joined me. But turns out I was the only high schooler there. And this fellow had been watching me for a good ten minutes before I was pulled away by my friends. It started there. These girls said he had been watching me with amusement. One time we were all eating ice-cream. Hiral and I were standing in the rain will still having the ice-cream. And Prasadh happened to see that with a smile it seems. After that he sort of softened up with the RSP duties. He even smiled at me a couple of times.
Girls always have this habit of imagining what is not there and creating a story around it. So a story started revolving around how the new boy likes the rowdy girl. And Sandhya made sure to always point out that Prasadh is looking at me during prayer time, RSP training time and what not. For god's sake I am short and I have to stand in front all the freaking time. He happens to be the leader and will also be in the front line. This went on and I started liking the attention I guess. I also found him cute. So that is where I got smitten I suppose."
"Ah... So the rowdy girl fell for the new guy and turned into a girly girl..."
As he looked for a big plate to shield him he heard her laugh.
"That is exactly what happened. 9th grade was even better. Both our classes were located right next to each other. By that time my whole class knew that I liked him. And his entire class knew that he hated me. I was not exactly the good looking school girl you see. But for me he was one of the reasons I came to school. We would enter the school at the same time coincidentally. Almost every morning. And we would leave at the same time. I was never able to pack up the courage to tell him how I felt. I dreamt about him every single night. My friends started getting annoyed at me and my Prasadh diaries." She finished arranging the clean dishes in their racks.

"So did you tell him at all?" Gaurav asked. "Oh can you make me some coffee while you are at it?" He grinned.
"You know you are the only reason I buy coffee in this house. Or else I won't need to waste so much money on this expensive Moroccan blend."
"If that is such a pain for you I will buy some iced coffee from Starbucks..." he made a face.
"Gosh.. For just some water, ice cubes and the same coffee powder you want to spend 200 bucks? Give that to me and I will make you better coffee..."
"Just go on with your story would you... Did you ever tell him that you liked him?"
"Ha ha... Yes. I don't remember if it was Quarterly exams or Half yearly... But I made a friend slip one greeting card into his bag. He gave it back to me through one of his classmates. A girl I despised a lot."
"He had written 'I accept' in it?" Gaurav was very much involving with the story.
"I don't know. I saw that girl and got angry. Tore it right in front them and flushed it off." Sanjana turned around with the coffee mug to see a dead panned look on Gaurav.
"So even if he had had feelings for you, you pretty much ruined it."
"Well I did try giving him my slam book to fill. For which he humiliated me in front of the whole school. And I officially hated him from that day. It hurt for a long time. I used to cry a lot. The first ever crush I develop on a guy was crushed by him mercilessly..."

"You know..." Gaurav spoke sipping the second mug of coffee. "I got my first crush when I was in 4th grade..." if there was a way to imitate that smiley with heart for eyes, he was doing a pretty good job at it.
"Too bad you ended up with this rowdy girl..." she punched him and ran out of the kitchen.
"That hurts woman! Come back here wifey..." he ran after her.

Two mugs of tea and coffee were abandoned on the kitchen counter just like that.


This is pretty much my school crush story. Most of the details mentioned happened and it took me about 6 years or so to get over that guy. I don't know if he would read this. I still have no idea if something was written on that card. And I never bothered to ask him if he ever had a liking towards me... 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

To my beloved darling...

Dear Cutie,

He he... It is funny. You hate being addressed as dear or cutie and that is exactly how I am starting this letter. For all I know you would be frowning at the very words and leave out the entire letter that follows it.
You are cute that way. That kiddish frown you make only when you are with me. I felt privileged when your brother said you had never been that way with anyone in the family. Oh how I wished to tell him that I was lucky enough to see so many things from you that none of them would ever see.
I was coming back from work today and happened to board a pretty empty bus and the songs on the radio were just so soothing. I started thinking "Oh I should tell him about this."
And then I was like "Is he thinking about me now?"
Well it is pretty normal for people in a long distance relationship to think that way right? Its even more fun when the two people are in completely opposite time zones. We could hardly make out a time slot to even Skype.
What could I say? It was the most fun I have ever had. Waking up with a smile, going to bed with dreams forming in my head already... Dreams of us being together...
But my train of thoughts crashed when that one thought popped up. "He would be with her... Why is he going to think about you?"
A tear drop almost spilled from my eyes. For a moment there I forgot that you were no more mine. Oh sorry. You were never mine to begin with. You knew all along that you were betrothed to her. And yet you claimed to love me. You never thought that you could have given me a fair warning. In all those two and half years we were lovers.
What is even more saddening is that you did not feel like mentioning me to anyone you ever knew. Not your closest friend, not your sister or brother... No one?
Was it that shameful? Our relationship?
I kept the sindhoor on my forehead thinking one day you will do the same to me. Although I don't do it now the red is still there. Except you officially became hers and not mine anymore.
And then my conscience started answering the very questions I had in the beginning of this letter.
"Oh I should ask him to listen to this song"
"So he could enjoy it with his wife?"
"Is he thinking about me?"
"Probably comparing his wife and you and concluding that she is much better than you." 

You don't seem pained in any of your social media pictures. I am glad that you are happy. I am just sad that I am not a part of it. You still make me happy. You still make me smile.
Except that soon after a heart wrenching pain follows it.

Its funny how I am writing this letter on Valentine's Day again. The last time I wrote a letter on V-Day I sent it to you and you had no words to express how you felt. I saw your face as you read it. Those emotions were true. Even if it was through a screen, I know raw emotions when I see them. And that is enough for me.

With love,
Your chellam.

She closed the journal wiping off her tears. It had been a habit for her to write letters everytime she felt happy or sad. Usually it will be addressed to god. And then she started addressing a few to her ex-lover. As she flipped through the yellowing pages she more tears drops fell on them blotting them. It was her way of pouring out her feelings. To write letters that will never be mailed! 


This is part of "Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers Club
A small sad love letter.