Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Promise and a Ring

"Hey Surya... Where did you get this pendant? It is really pretty!" The elder lady spoke looking at the said girl's neck. Had it been a guy whose eyes were fixated there he would have gotten a slap from her by now.
"Oh this one! I got it from Stylori. It is called Winter Leaves!" Surya beamed as she held the small diamond pendant with her delicate fingers.
As the two ladies sat down for lunch the elder one threw another question at her. "Is that a diamond stud as well?"
With a slight confused look "These are ordinary quilled earrings..."
"No dear. The second piercing. It does look like a diamond to me."
"Oh yeah! That one is a diamond alright." she smiled this time.
"But why are you wearing just one?"
"Oh I got both the ears pierced. But the left one got infected and I had to remove the first earring. So I have two piercings on my right ear alone now."
"What about the pair of this diamond stud then?"
All Surya did was smile with a distant look on her face.

*Six years earlier*

"This time we get to say proper goodbyes." she lightly punched his arm.
"When will you stop pointing out that one time and rubbing it on my face Surya?" the tall dark fellow asked her in the most apologetic tone a guy could muster.
"Until you learn to keep up your promises!" she laughed.
Being friends for as long as they could remember they were ready to part ways at the cross roads. Tarun was leaving in a day for his longest voyage. Surya was taking up a job that required a lot of travelling.
"Oh before I forget! Here you go!" she handed him a small box.
"A jewellery box?" he raised his eyebrow.
"Just open it T"

He opened it to find a pair of solitaire diamond earrings. With a round cut stone it shone so brightly.
"I know you were looking for a stud. So I took the liberty of purchasing one for you." Surya beamed with pride.
"But you have been with me all the time since I came here. When and where did you buy these?" he took one out inspecting the stone as if he was an expert in that field.
"I just chose one from this app. They delivered it this morning." she showed him her phone with the Stylori App opened. He looked at it without any interest and went back to his work of inspecting the white gold in his hand.
"But I will look like a gay wearing this!" he pouted.
He actually did pout. SMACK!
"Ouch woman!" he said rubbing his head. As he proceeded to put it on removing the tiny ring on his ear he asked "What am I to do with the other one?"
"You don't have to worry about it buddy."
Surya took the other one and wore it on her second piercing. Since her left ear healed and closed up the piercing she had been wearing two earrings on her right ear alone.
"We will stay connected this way!" she laughed making him laugh in turn. When she stood next to him their studs will come to the same level.
That was the last selfie they took together before he bid his goodbye and left.

*Somewhere on the Indian Ocean present day*

"Dude!If we ever want to search for you in a crowd we just need to look for a dazzle. That stud of yours must be at least half a carat." he heard his friend eye the diamond stud for the thousandth time. All he could do was roll his eyes.
Even he didn't know how many carats that stone was. He never bothered. But his friend made sure to remind him every single day about it.
"It was a gift. Never bothered to get details." he shrugged as they walked towards their bunks in the ship. Finally he was heading back to his motherland.
He could finally lie on his soft bed and sleep all day. Eat his mom's special dosas.
Finally he can meet his best friend.

*A month later*

Surya stood by her car. The smell at the port was never a pleasant one. Or even something she could tolerate for more than a couple hours. Thankfully Tarun had just messaged her that he will be out in sometime.
She was supposed to be standing here as a couple this moment. She sadly looked at her ring. The all too familiar voice broke her train of thoughts. "Oye shorty!"
She ran to him and hugged him. And then punched him. "Don't call me that!"
Their friendship hadn't changed a little bit.

"I will see for dinner tomorrow. Get some rest now." Surya sang her usual take care of your health song as she dropped him off and left.
Once he settled down in his room he checked quickly opened the laptop and started browsing through the internet.
He never slept that night.

*After Dinner*

"You finally learnt the trick of making circular rotis." he joked as they both walked through the small park in her apartment complex.
"It has been more than five years since you saw me make those world map rotis. Shut up." she said as she sat down in the swing. Tarun sat next to her.
A comfortable silence wrapped them. It was moments like these Surya cherished with Tarun.
"Why do you still wear that ring Surya?"
She was a little stunned. She was not expecting this question all too soon.
"I did tell you right. I will take this off when I find another worthy ring to wear."
"Then find one."
"What about a promise to go with the ring?" She asked him innocently.
He smiled at her question.
Tarun got up from his swing, stood in front of her holding a small box.
"Now I know that you lost the one who promised you a life. He loved you and I am sure he is still up there smiling at you and looking out for you. But stop holding onto him. I will make you a promise instead. And this time I will live up to my word.
I will be your North Star. That one small star that shines no matter what. I will always be there with you no matter what. I will always be the one friend you can hug tight and cry!"

She removed her engagement ring and put on the Stara Ring he had brought for her.

She knew for once he won't and can't break this promise.

Who said only couples needed a ring to seal the deal?

This story is actually for a contest conducted by Stylori which is the online shop of NAC Jewellers. 
Being part of a bunch of bloggers is such a nice thing that makes you meet weird people (yes weirder than me) and bond with them. 
Thank you CBC!

Well the story behind this one is my best friend. I know he won't be reading this. He never reads my blog. Well technically we are not even friends anymore. But the friendship we had formed, that was a beautiful one. Still is. 
A part of me hopes he will read this and realise that I will always be his north star! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The perfect shot


He just sat there on the terrace with his headphones on. Some random song was playing on the radio and he was glad that it was not from the irritating new album that had released a week back. The wind swept his hair in a gentle way as if putting him into a deep state of relaxation.
Something his mother always managed to do without any effort.

His peaceful lone time was interrupted when a loud "Machan!" was heard beyond the full volume set on his headphone. Charan turned around to look at the grinning face of his best friend Pranav. Switching off the music he waited until the latter lad settled next to him. Both their legs dangling over the side walls.

"I knew I would find you here." He broke the nice silence that was prevailing between them.
"It was breezy." Was all he had to say.

Again there was this pleasant stillness between them.

The evening was slowly turning dark. As Charan looked up his eyes lit up.
He nudged his friend and nodded at the direction. "Wow! Pranav exclaimed. For a moment both their mouths were agape. He took out his smartphone and tried clicking a picture. "Damn man! The photo is not even close to good." He slogged.

Charan quickly got up and left with a "I'll be back." that would have been almost missed.
Moments later he returned with his camera. "Lets try it out with this."
Focussing on the beauty before them he zoomed in and clicked.
"It's still not clear enough."
The duo started tweaking the camera's options to get the Apollonian into frame. The photographer hidden inside them both came out with all force. Clicking picture after picture they were still unconvinced.
"Man... It's getting dark. We need to head down before those bats come down on us." Charan spoke eyeing the black winged creatures whose days are just beginning.
"Just one more shot!" Pranav said increasing the exposure.

As the shutter snapped, they both looked at the preview on the camera.
Their eyes were wide and gleaming with joy. As if they both just delivered a baby with a successful caesarean.
"I never knew that we could get a such an awesome shot of the crescent moon with this basic lens." Charan scratched his head with a pleasing look still set on the preview image of the camera.


It sure is a long time since I wrote a story. 
Or for that matter write anything at all. Taking a perfect moon picture has been a big thing for me. And today it was just way too good for me to postpone it anymore. So there I was standing on top of the water tank trying to get the out-of-this-world photograph with my simple mirrorless camera and a kit lens. 
Its not much. But its something for me.

Happy Photography Day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

His Heaven

It had been a while since he had done this.

He hardly had time these days. It was a busy month and he never had even a small moment all to himself.

It was almost midnight. No sane person would want to go out at this ungodly hour. He anyways climbed up the stairs that led to the open terrace equipped with only his phone, ear phones still stuck on his ears and his keys. He honestly did not want to wake up his mother at this hour.
All she would be giving him will be a pretty long lecture.

He was in for a surprise when he saw that the terrace was well lit. Usually he will have to use the light from his mobile phone to find the ladder. Tonight was different. The moon was shining way too brightly that werewolves would be howling all night long.

Anish looked up at the dark sky only to find it scattered with so many stars and the ever so beautiful moon. He didn't know how long he stood with his hands on his hips, his neck almost at an obtuse angle starring at the sky, dazed by it's beauty.

He did not realise the time until his neck started hurting.

Standing up on that tank had always been a majestic thing for him. His building was the tallest in the neighbourhood and to stand on top of it made him feel like he was on the top of the world. Especially night times were his absolute favourite. Apart from the rare howls from street dogs, there was unambiguously no noise heard at that time. Of course the entire city would be sleeping at that time and that is exactly what he wanted.

That peaceful moment when the wind embraces you like an old friend and the moon looks down at you like your grandmother does with all the love. That is something he cherished and that is the major reason he did not want to move out of this house. He loved this spot.

Listening to random songs from his phone he looked up again and spoke to the moon, "You know! You are the second person who has the ability to calm me down so easily..." a smile covering his face.
"I wish the first person was here to get this sedative effect..."

"Wish granted!" a female voice behind him startled him.

"How did you know I was here?" Anish spoke to his wife Diya.

"I saw your bag on the sofa but not you. So I guessed you must have come up here with the full moon and all..." She sat next to him. They just sat there enjoying nature's artistry for a while.

He just smiled at her. What more could a man ask for? A tranquil date stargazing on the roof top with his amazingly beautiful wife by his side...

"Enough skywatching mister. You still have to work tomorrow, remember? Come down!" he heard her stern voice and couldn't help but chuckle at her timing.

It certainly has been a while since I wrote something. But then my little encounter with the moon and the stars made me want to write it. We all should spare some time in our ever-so-busy lives to sit and enjoy the nature like this once in a while. Just once in a while.... 
That special spot in my house will always have the power to put me at peace no matter how I feel. I wish everyone has something/someone like that in their lives. A heaven. A heaven by your side! 

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