Thursday, October 9, 2014

Affliction Diverted

It sure has been a while since I wrote here. Or as a matter of fact anywhere. Well on to the story


Susi picked up the paper from the door step and glanced through it as she sipped on her morning tea. Although news was usually boring for her, one particular article caught her attention. Setting the cup aside she spread the paper on the coffee table and started reading the piece about a tragic accident.
Her eyes were fixed on the victim’s picture present. The article said that the victim died of second degree burns below his hip while he also had a punctured lung and several broken ribs.

‘He deserves such a painful death’ she thought as she folded the paper neatly and started sipping on her tea again.
For a moment she almost smacked herself for smiling at his death. Was she that bad a person to smile at someone's tragic death? It sure was him. How could she forget the person who destroyed her life? How could she forgive the person who was the reason for her sufferings?

Sitting on the windowsill she thought back to the day he asked her to come over to his place so that he could introduce “his girlfriend” to his friends. Being the naive girl she had been she never understood that she was walking right into his trap. Not when she stepped into his rather small apartment located on the top most floor of the building. Not when he trapped her between his strong arms and started kissing her. Not even when she sat on the bed because of the lack of furniture.
She never realized that she was lured her only for her innocence to be scarred for life. Everything dawned on her when she felt her hands being tied together with her dupatta. She cried and begged that she was saving it for the wedding night. She was barely out of school. How could this happen to her? He paid no heed.
She did not know what was worse. The pain that was emanating from between her legs or the sentences he uttered that shocked her even more. He started calling her names like slut and whore since she didn't bleed on her first time. He kept saying she was not even tight like a virgin should be. She knew screaming or shouting was not going to help her. Biting her lips she let him do what he wanted.
Once he was done she was relieved that she could run away from the devil’s den. The sound of a shutter made her open her eyes wide. Not only did she lose her virginity to a cheap fellow she wrongfully trusted; now he has pictures for blackmail.
And blackmail, he did.
He made her “come over” to his place a few more times until he got tired of her and gave her the memory card.

She remembered how she cried for hours together in the puja room; How she stayed in bed for 2 days straight after the first time due to the unbearable pain; how she was diagnosed from anxiety disorder a few months later.

‘He deserves an even more painful death’ she thought as she went back into the kitchen.

“Finally you remembered that it was your turn to cook today?” she saw her husband transferring the upma onto a serving dish.
Putting on an apologetic smile “You could have called me right?”
“I did. You were thinking about something so deeply, so I thought I will do the cooking today.”
“I will make it up to you; I will do all household chores including cooking this weekend... Okay?”
He just planted a light kiss on her forehead. “C’mon eat up. It’s getting late for both of us...”
As they both went on with their day, the newspaper lay there on the coffee table forgotten just the way Susi had left her past behind her.


Although the news papers are filled with articles about rape cases and women safety, finally I am seeing a change in attitude. More victims are ready to come out and file a complaint. Something not many had the courage to do for a very long time.
But for all those who are still silently crying themselves to sleep, After the darkest hours there will come a light and that is the hour we call dawn. So please don't lose hope or faith. That is what keeps anyone go on with life.

God Bless You All.