Sunday, April 6, 2014



I am just wondering...
“wondering what?”
Wondering if you grin as much as you grin through your texts...
“:-D thats for you to decide when you meet me...”
Eagerly waiting for that actually
“eeeeee... me too...”
He he he he... your grin is contagious man...
“Oh! Then I will stop... don’t want to infect you!”
But I like the grinning you...
“Eeeeee :D”
He he he he he
She always loved texting him. His texts had the power to make her smile. He had the strange way of inserting a mischievous accent in his text messages. She was happy with him.  

Few months later:
“Whom are you texting all the time honey?” a man in his mid forties asked as he enters the kitchen to find his wife laughing at her phone.
“Oh there is this new girl who has joined our firm. I am texting her only.”
“What exactly do you talk to her all day? And night if I might add?”
“Oh since she is new she gets a lot of doubts. So she texts me about it and we just start chatting from that.”
“And that makes you laugh?”
“Oh she uses hell a lot of these smileys and I can’t help but imagine her actually doing that face. Here... See for yourself!” she extended the phone and showed him the conversation.
He saw a lot of grinning smileys and childish ‘eeeee’
“She sure does seem to use that grinning smiley a lot...”
“Oh she grins a lot in person as well.”
“She must be a cheerful person...”
“She makes everyone smile...”

Little did they know that her smiles were as hollow as her heart had been when he left her...


I know the story is a little rushed and sucky... But had a writer's block... 
Hope you all enjoy this little story... Picture courtesy: Smiley faces