Thursday, October 9, 2014

Affliction Diverted

It sure has been a while since I wrote here. Or as a matter of fact anywhere. Well on to the story


Susi picked up the paper from the door step and glanced through it as she sipped on her morning tea. Although news was usually boring for her, one particular article caught her attention. Setting the cup aside she spread the paper on the coffee table and started reading the piece about a tragic accident.
Her eyes were fixed on the victim’s picture present. The article said that the victim died of second degree burns below his hip while he also had a punctured lung and several broken ribs.

‘He deserves such a painful death’ she thought as she folded the paper neatly and started sipping on her tea again.
For a moment she almost smacked herself for smiling at his death. Was she that bad a person to smile at someone's tragic death? It sure was him. How could she forget the person who destroyed her life? How could she forgive the person who was the reason for her sufferings?

Sitting on the windowsill she thought back to the day he asked her to come over to his place so that he could introduce “his girlfriend” to his friends. Being the naive girl she had been she never understood that she was walking right into his trap. Not when she stepped into his rather small apartment located on the top most floor of the building. Not when he trapped her between his strong arms and started kissing her. Not even when she sat on the bed because of the lack of furniture.
She never realized that she was lured her only for her innocence to be scarred for life. Everything dawned on her when she felt her hands being tied together with her dupatta. She cried and begged that she was saving it for the wedding night. She was barely out of school. How could this happen to her? He paid no heed.
She did not know what was worse. The pain that was emanating from between her legs or the sentences he uttered that shocked her even more. He started calling her names like slut and whore since she didn't bleed on her first time. He kept saying she was not even tight like a virgin should be. She knew screaming or shouting was not going to help her. Biting her lips she let him do what he wanted.
Once he was done she was relieved that she could run away from the devil’s den. The sound of a shutter made her open her eyes wide. Not only did she lose her virginity to a cheap fellow she wrongfully trusted; now he has pictures for blackmail.
And blackmail, he did.
He made her “come over” to his place a few more times until he got tired of her and gave her the memory card.

She remembered how she cried for hours together in the puja room; How she stayed in bed for 2 days straight after the first time due to the unbearable pain; how she was diagnosed from anxiety disorder a few months later.

‘He deserves an even more painful death’ she thought as she went back into the kitchen.

“Finally you remembered that it was your turn to cook today?” she saw her husband transferring the upma onto a serving dish.
Putting on an apologetic smile “You could have called me right?”
“I did. You were thinking about something so deeply, so I thought I will do the cooking today.”
“I will make it up to you; I will do all household chores including cooking this weekend... Okay?”
He just planted a light kiss on her forehead. “C’mon eat up. It’s getting late for both of us...”
As they both went on with their day, the newspaper lay there on the coffee table forgotten just the way Susi had left her past behind her.


Although the news papers are filled with articles about rape cases and women safety, finally I am seeing a change in attitude. More victims are ready to come out and file a complaint. Something not many had the courage to do for a very long time.
But for all those who are still silently crying themselves to sleep, After the darkest hours there will come a light and that is the hour we call dawn. So please don't lose hope or faith. That is what keeps anyone go on with life.

God Bless You All.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Those 5 peaceful minutes

It has been a long time since I wrote a story. Got into blogging and have been going on with it for a while now. 
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Now on to the story I wrote after a very long time. :)


Oh how much she hated Mondays... Especially after the awesome weekend she had, she was just dreading the first day of the week.
After the epic party on Saturday, after the whole day relaxing spa given by her best friend on Sunday who in the world would want to get back to real life especially to work.
Bala didn’t have a choice. She groggily got out of bed silencing the alarm clock that was blaring out weirdest noise she has ever heard because it was 4 am. Her shift started in 2 hours and she had about an hour to prepare lunch and some 20 minutes to get ready before her cab arrived.
Hurriedly putting on her high heeled shoe matching the polka dotted shirt paired with a black pencil skirt she made sure she had everything and got into the cab.
Only after did she get into the car and thought that she had settled down, she realized that she had mismatched her high heeled closed toe shoe with a peep toed one. Smacking herself she just thanked the heavens that she had no meetings scheduled today and in fact not many would be coming to the office since the spring break was about to get over and people won’t be filling in until the next week.
As she paid the cab fare and walked in she made sure her laptop bag, her lunch box, her identity card were with her. Once she got to her desk and opened her laptop she started searching her bag for another gadget. Her heart almost stopped when she couldn’t spot her iPhone anywhere in her bag. Hurriedly she dialled her number from the desk phone only to get an engaged tone.
Just as she spotted the security personnel she asked him to dial her number through his mobile. Ignoring his stares, she pressed the basic nokia mobile to her ears as someone attended the call. Turns out the cab driver had given the phone to the security guard at the main gate before leaving the premises.
The small problem was that the main gate was about 1.5 km from her office building. She pleaded the security guard to come over to her building to hand over her phone. While thanking this guy standing next to her, two other guys came to hand over her phone.
Thanking them all she went to her desk and had forgotten that she was supposed to have logged in 20 minutes back. Hurriedly logging in, she only found that her partner hadn’t logged in yet and she was going to be in trouble because the manager had been waiting for one of them to log in.
“Great!” she thought as she read through the mails while getting a good serving of advice early in the morning from her manager.
“What a way to start the week!” she exclaimed to no one in particular in the completely empty office as she went on with her work.
Hours went by and it was time for her to get off work. Her grumpy mood just got uglier when she received a client mail stating that work had not yet been done. She had made sure to submit the required draft on Friday itself. Now she wondered how it never reached the client.
Digging through her files she found the draft as her manager started barking at her. He hadn’t sent the report. She knew whose fault it was. But she had no option. Editing and re-editing the 75 page draft she clicks on send and apologizes to the client.
As she gets off work she is almost drained. Standing at her front door, she digs into her bag only to realize that she never took her keys with her this morning.
Her feet were aching and all she wanted was a warm bath now. She was soaked in her sweat due to the highly humid climate. She kept on ringing the door bell for about 20 minutes and finally called her flatmate.
Shriya had to almost scream through the phone because she was stuck in traffic and Bala heard only honking sounds in the middle of something Shriya said.
Letting out a heavy sigh, Bala took off her heels left it near the front door and climbed up the stairs. She needed some fresh air and the terrace was the only accessible place for her right now. Leaving her bags near the ladder she climbed up the same and sat on top of the over head tank. With a soft melody playing through her headphones she just sat there watching the greyish blue clouds passing above her.
It looked like it might rain. But the clouds weren’t that dark that it would rain any moment now. With a slight breeze she felt the entire day’s tension leave her.
She realized that she hadn’t sat in this spot for quite a long time. Almost a year! She used to come here often before she started on her job. The place where she enjoyed her sunsets! Sometimes she used to come there to catch sun rise as well.
She looked around and saw that her building was no more the tallest in her block. Earlier when she used to come her’s was the only multi storey building. But now there were a lot of other buildings that blocked her view of the scene she usually got.
Just as the 5 minute song got over, her flatmate called her asking her to come down.
Bala sighed again as she carefully climbed down the ladder. Her best 5 minutes of the day was over. Suddenly she wished that Shriya had taken a little extra time to reach.
The only peaceful time she had that day had gotten over so soon.


For starters, this is almost how my monday went this week. And those 5 minutes on that tank was the best time ever. 
I even have pictures. Managed to take a couple photos before my dad called me. 

I used to go there and watch sunsets after everytime I come home for holidays. The only one who has had the privilege to get the view was my best friend. Now I am sharing this with all of you.
Enjoy such small moments in life because those are the ones that will put a smile on you no matter what! 
Have fun with nature :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Glass Shard


‘May be I should just leave…’ she thought and got up only to come face to face with the devil himself.
The very man she was trying to avoid in the huge marriage hall.
“Hi Latha…” he smiled at her.
She wondered how he was able to smile at her. While it was hurting her just to see him, he is smiling right in front of her.
“Umm Hi… I was about to leave.”
“Did you meet eenu?”
“Umm no. A lot of people were near her. And it was getting a little late for me. So I thought I…”
“Come with me!” he took her hand in his and led her towards the bride, his sister.
“Latha….” Indela hugged her as she saw her long time best friend.
“I thought you wouldn’t make it.” She added.
“If you are going to keep your marriage in a honeymoon spot better inform us 6 months prior Indu.” Latha joked making the bride blush further.

Indu made her stay up on the stage with her. The only time they might probably spend together before they part ways. Indela and Latha met each other in a dance class when they were 15. Even after the former’s family relocated to Manali they both managed to keep in touch. As the days went by they both called each other once in a while.
According to Indu their communication gap just elongated little by little until it almost died down. An occasional mail was all that was exchanged between the two but they were still best friends.
Little did she know that reason behind it was her own brother.

As it started getting late “I better start Indu…” Latha got up.
Understanding that it was time for farewell she hugged her best friend.
“Zamir…” She called for her brother. “Drop her at her hotel.”
“As you say mistress Indela!” he joked as he escorted Latha outside.

“I can get a cab. Its alright.” She spoke as they stood outside waiting for the car.
“I would like to talk to you. Come with me!”
That got her in a trance as she sat on the passenger seat and buckled up.
“How have you been Zamir?” she slowly asked him. She could see that he was happy. He managed to be happy without her.
He just smiled.
“Why are you smiling?”
“It has been a long time since you called me by my name Latha. It feels good.”
She was taken aback. She did not understand why he is talking like this now.
As the silence covered them once again she felt her train of thoughts travelling through the past.
How he sneakily got her number from Indu’s diary and called her. There will be atleast one email from him everyday. They would chat all night. Praying not to get caught by anyone! She remembered the way he suddenly called her and proposed. They both knew nothing would work. Latha was way too worried about how her best friend would take all of this.
First she said no. he came after her. He promised her that he can’t let go of her and he wouldn’t do it either. And then he left her when his relatives opposed the love marriage of one of his cousins. He felt that was for the best.
“Never once did you ask me if it was fine by me…” she spoke.
“You left me. You broke your promise. You thought you are doing both of us a favor. Not even once did you ask if I was okay with your decision!”
He stopped the car on the side of the road.
“I didn’t have a choice Latha… You knew that.”
She laughed out loud. A laugh that clearly showed that she was not happy!
“Please drop me Zamir.”
Nothing was said after that.
As she was about get out of the car he held her back.
“Everything that we had been and still is true. I intend to keep it that way.”
She just smiled and got down muttering thanks.
She was happy she did not tell him anything. She just could not tell him that she was waiting for him to come for her. It gave her immense pain to leave him. But it still gave a peculiar warmth to just see him once.
For her, he is going to be the glass shard stuck in her heart.  If she wanted to remove it, she will have to cut open her heart. If she kept it in, it is going to hurt her.

So she went with the latter. A pricking glass shard was much better than a long scar. Or that is what she thought.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Umbilical Cord


Today I got a rather surprising visit from someone I never expected. I had seen her working in the children’s block. And she seemed to always have this cheerful aura around her. Guess that is why they wanted her to work with the little ones.  I know I am not supposed to discuss a client details even if I am just writing it down in my journal, it is still considered wrong. But then this particular story is something even I was baffled at.
She came to me saying that she was depressed. Though I was taken aback by her blunt introduction I did not show it out. Then she began narrating her story. Her theory of why she feels so sad.
She started talking about the one year old baby girl who was diagnosed with early onset of autism. No one was sure if it actually was autism. But her lack of eye contact and no sense of touch went well with the other symptoms parents had observed in their kids when they were babies. She was claimed to be one year old. There was no development in her body. She just lay on her bed. One could easily tell that she was a child with special needs.
I remembered being asked to counsel the child’s mother. But the strong lady refused and we left it at that. It was the usual reaction from a parent when they brought their child to us. They thought they were strong. But at one point most parents will decide that they need some help as well. So I thought this child’s mother will also eventually understand that. Nothing felt strange about her denial for me.
But then the physiotherapist told me how they were seeing improvement in the baby’s condition. That the baby started kicking her legs into the air, cry when she got hungry and so on. Even now I remember the chief doctor proudly boasting over it. This therapist had to give massages to the baby on every alternate day. One can just assume that she got way too attached to the little one and started visiting them (the mother and the child) every day.
So with all the happy stuff happening why would one get depressed? Right before I could finish thinking of this question the therapist narrated the twist in the story. She had been observing how the mother didn’t seem to care much when the baby started crying. Even when she had tried teaching the mother how to do the massage, the mother showed no interest. “It was as if she had no part in her child’s welfare.” Though it worried her she never expressed her concern to any of the doctors.
What gave her more than just a shock was when the baby started suckling on her nipple through her shirt when she was trying to calm the crying baby.
So our dear therapist finally concludes that the mother is not even feeding the child and reports it to the doctor. Turns out that even the doctors were having this particular doubt and they all confronted the mother.
That is when the mother threw a tantrum that she was making a big sacrifice by bringing her child for treatment. She had said that she was doing a big favour for her one year old daughter by giving her the medical attention she deserved.
Like that was not enough she had went on saying that the physiotherapist was stealing her child from her. At this point the therapist girl started crying.
She said “The baby smiled its first ever smile when I was giving her the usual massage. I did not know that it was her first smile. While any parent would have felt good to see their child smiling, this female made it sound as if her baby is not supposed to smile. I could understand that she was upset that she was not the reason for her daughter’s first smile. Then again she should have participated more in her daughter’s welfare. She usually left the room when I was with the baby. She was always talking over the phone to her husband. And then she blamed it all on me.”
I could only pity this young girl’s feelings. The first thing they should teach in any medical school is that you should not get attached to any patient. That won’t allow you to think logically. While the patient deserves care and attention, we should be careful not to get emotionally connected with them.
Turns out the mother then left the facility saying that her child was better off without the treatment. A selfish mother, I would say. And then there was the “almost” mother character, the therapist. She did not feel bad that she was separated from the baby. Although that hurt her, she was not concentrating on that part. She was more concerned that the baby would have stunted growth without this treatment. There was no other facility that showed such promising results in the treatment of autism. That was a known truth.
Now her major thoughts were about how and where this baby is. That makes her lose concentration in work. Although the doctors understand her concern they are in no position to even check on the child.
Well I helped in whatever way I could. Have asked her to meet me again in a week!
I just don’t understand parenting at times. A lot of parents think that the presence of similar genetic material is what defines their relationship. And I have also seen parents who view any child as their own and accept them. But there is this group of people that think they are god just because they brought the baby into this world. Everything they do for that kid is like a favor and not from love. Oh I wish such kids were never born.

It’s not the umbilical cord that signifies a mother-child relationship. It is always the love and care you provide to a child. Sadly not many understand this small thing and the worst part is this small thing makes the biggest of differences.


Sadly this is a true story. The girl child is still with her stupid mother who is trying to do something with the baby and the stunted growth is already very much seen. 
I just wish people put their child before themselves when deciding something on behalf of the child. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last seen

I know I never completed the A to Z challenge. But the stories I planned for it will be published soon. Though I was not a A to Z survivor, I am happy to have participated in it. 
On to the story...

She was just as shocked when they all heard and felt the crash. A lot of screams followed it later on. She just stood there, unsure of what to do now. People were running towards the fire exit like that was going to help. They were in the 79th floor of the North Tower in the World Trade Centre. It was pretty clear that getting out alive from there was more of a miracle. She was a practical person and luck was never a thing she had seen in her life. She was not about to believe in it as well.
She knew death was inevitable now. There was no use panicking. There was no use in running as well. Before she could make it to the lower floors the building would probably burn and collapse. She could almost feel the building shaking like it was shivering. She looked out the window if there was a way out. Again all she could see was the ground that was way too far and jumping out the window was meaningless. When death is coming to get you and you know there is no way out, it is better to embrace it.
But she wanted to have no regrets before she died. With the last remnants of hope left, she fished out her iPhone. She was not going to call for help. Even if she did, no one can actually help her.
She wanted to leave a message. Her dying note probably. Her last thoughts... She did not have much time. She had to do it soon.
The first one was to her sister.
‘Tell mom I love her. Take good care of her and please remember that I love you too. I will say hi to dad for you. Good bye.’
She trembled as she waited for the double tick mark sign to appear. She was afraid that the network might be jammed.
As green tick mark sign appeared she started typing the second message she wished to leave. Little did she know that this message would later become viral in the social media. Never did she realize that this message was going to make her popular throughout the world.
I am about to die. I am not sad or afraid of dying. I am just regretting the fact that I never got to say a proper good bye to you. I wish I could live for just one more day so that I can bid farewell to all those I love before leaving. I wish I could escape so that I can let you know how much I still love you. But it is inevitable now. I have had my fair share of happiness and sadness in life so far. I am leaving you this message so that I don’t die with any regret. I honestly wish we were still together. I wanted to marry you some day and live with you till the end of my life. But I guess the gods had different plans for me. Right now I can do nothing but be happy for the life I have lived so far.  I can only say that I have loved you for a long time now and that love is going to live forever even if I die now. Thank you for being part of my happiest days on earth. I can safely say that you will always be the best thing that ever happened to me. Always remember that there was this girl who loved you for who you are and will love you till the end of time. I love you!
I got no regrets now.  J
Love you.’
She hit send and eagerly looked for the green tick mark to appear. It was just as she suspected. The network had started getting busy. She tried again. She kept trying and the 7th time it appeared.
She smiled as if she had achieved something. A smile that would be permanently etched on her face...

Her last seen status on Whatsapp remained as ‘last seen 09 September 2001’ forever.


First of all I know that the timeline clashes a lot. There was no Whatsapp or much less smartphone usage back in 2001. But I wanted to use an accident that gave you some time to make decisions. The 9/11 incident was the only thing I could think of. I have always wanted to write a death note sort of story (not the Death Note series) A dying message, even the simplest of words can mean a lot. So when my flight was landing today this story just filled in my head out of nowhere. 
Travelling sure does gives me a lot of inspiration for new stories.

A small message to all my friends: Have no regrets in life. Live it the way you want. Express what ever you feel as soon as possible. We all have a lot of things we have wanted to tell people. Some of us say it then and there. Some don't. For those who don't please express it. For you never know if you will get another chance to say it out. You wish for something? Ask for it. You miss someone? Call them. You hurt someone? Apologize. Just don't regret one day that you did not do all these. 

Monday, April 28, 2014


“Hey kitty cat...” the elder lady hugged the younger looking one earning a scowl for her comment.
“You will never stop calling me that, will you?” they started walking towards the parking lot.
“That’s because you are a kitty cat.”
The other girl decided not to say anything and hailed a cab.
“How far is it from here?”
“About 2 hour’s drive...” she knew her elder sister was not going to let the drive go peaceful. And she did not miss the evil glint that passed on the said person’s face.
“When did you come?”
“I came here last night. For all I know pagli will probably jump on the bed if she saw us now.”
“You didn’t see her last night?”
“Nope! She was fast asleep when I got there. So I just spoke to her hubby and left. Asked him not to tell her as well.”
“Ooooh... Kitty cat...” she squished the other girl.
“Grow up woman... I am not a cuddly squishy toy!”
They both started laughing at that.  
“Wow! Can’t believe she is a mother now.” the former lady said as they finally stopped laughing.
“I badly want to see if she would let her kid have any food at all.”
“Hey you said that she was cooking you all sorts of dishes when you stayed over at her place.”
“Well, you know how I get weird cravings na. So I kept asking her random stuff and she would make it for me. A food-filled weekend I would say.”
“When she spoiled you that much over a weekend, how could you think she won’t spoil her little one?”
 “Did I say I ate a lot? She did cook everything but in the end she was the one who finished it all up.”
“Well that is our trippy. I hope her kid hasn’t got that clumsy gene from her!”
The other girl started laughing again. “I will never forget the way she fell off a chair and pulled the table with her.” 
“We can just hope that the little one got some genes from the father...” she continued. “I mean he is not clumsy like her. but he is a little mature right?”
“You are talking about a guy who basically gets into a cat fight with his wife over a bar of chocolate.”
The elder one kind of shut up at that point. They both knew very well that her kid is going to be clumsier than her and is going to be the most spoilt kid in their group.
“I bet their kid is going to be the most mature person in that house. My vision is going to come true pretty soon!”


“Come. Her room is in the first floor.” She led her sister through the hospital.
As they slowly opened the door all they could see was their dear friend holding a bundle of joy while there was another bundle in her husband’s hand.
“You never told me she had twins.” They both went and hugged the mother.

All that their beloved trippy could do was grin as wide as possible and say “Did you guys bring any sweets?”


A story I am writing for a very dear friend who cares a lot for everyone but herself. We are lucky we got her because she will make you laugh with her clumsy klutzy nature and make you cry at her pure innocent heart!
Pagliiiiiiiiii.... This one is for you! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I guess the post for R will be put up along with Z. Those two are a bit connected. 

“So how exactly do you know him?”
His question made her smile.
“We were kind of like pen pals.” She looked at her questioner who was busy cleaning his camera lens.
“I asked how exactly. Which means I am asking for specific details!” He clarified for her still not taking his eyes off the object in his hands.
“Well, I was part of this group. A group of writers and he was also a part of it. So we all chat through the night.”
“What did you all talk about?”
“Almost anything and everything. Books, movies, food… Oh yeah! We speak a lot about food. And then he likes to talk about politics as well. There is not topic that this guy won’t talk about.”
“So you mean he was a genius?”
“He still is one. That is why we are going to get his interview for our magazine. Remember?”
“Well, from what you are saying you should know a lot more than anybody else right?”
“Not necessarily. He would talk about anything but his own life with us. We all just talk about our writing and stuff. The way he weaves a story just leaves us all awestruck. We always say he is from a planet of his own and does not belong in Earth…” she let out a light laugh as a particular memory came to her mind.
“I used to tell him that I would marry his son. He was about 19 and I was about 22 at that time. And I used to nudge him to get married soon and give me a son so that I can marry that boy. My theory was that his son would be even more interesting than he was…”
“Guess that is why he and his boyfriend adopted a son…” he said making her laugh harder.
“So why are you not in touch with him now?”
“I kind of cut contacts with everyone at one point. I avoided almost everyone. He did leave me a few mails. May be it was my fear. I just never found the courage to talk to any of them again. They would have probably forgotten me now…” the tear drop rolling down her cheek put the other guy in silence.
He could see that she missed them all very much.
“Do you think he will recognize you?”
“I am not sure. I have never met him in person…”
“Why don’t you tell him now?”
“I am not sure…”
“Tell him. He will be happy…”


As the car came to a stop they entered the humble looking house. They both were asked to wait in the living room as the sole subject of their talk entered the room.
They had come to get the interview of this author whose first book became a national best seller.


“Thank you for the interview…” she said getting up. Just then her photographer nudged her. She raised her eyebrows in an alarming way and shook her head.
“Is anything the matter?” her long lost friend asked.
“She has a personal request sir…” the photographer said and hurriedly made his way towards the car.
“What is it?” he smiled. He was wondering why the confident journalist suddenly got all shy and looked afraid.
He was curious now.

With a lot of hesitation she slowly spoke “Remember me Sasur?”
He thought for a moment before smiling. "Bahu?" 

This story is again based on a person I met like a few months back. I really do call him Sasur! 
Hopefully he likes it! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Queer Connection


‘What happen to her?’ He whispered to the girl sitting next to him. She just turned to her right and saw another girl sighing as she silently worked on her laptop.
‘Nothing… Why are you asking?’
‘She seems odd…’ he just looked at her like she was some entirely new species or some kind of an alien.
Just then the subject matter of their whisperings turned and waved a half hearted Hi.
‘She has been like this for a couple of days now…’ the other girl accepted.
‘Think we should ask her?’
‘Nah… Let her be. She will tell us when she is ready’

All this while the said girl just kept sighing and continued to work. Though they both were whispering she heard them both very well.
She just looked to her left and sighed again.
The other two concluded that something is definitely wrong with her.


As she walked back home she felt like crying out. She was mad at herself. She could not believe that she had gotten so serious.
She had let her happiness depended on something else other than herself. She promised she would not let this happen again.
And yet she had let herself fall in love again. Now she could not bear the separation.
Hugging herself she just looked up. Wondering how things are going on over there now.
She wondered how things had come to this level.


“That’s it.” Her friends stood in front of her.
She just looked at them with a bewildered look.
“Why are you like this?” he asked her. He just couldn’t bear seeing her all sad and depressed like this.
“Like what?”
“Like this!” the other girl made a pathetic sad face in an attempt of imitating her.
“Oh!” she looked down.
“What is it?”
“Well…” she took in a deep breathe. Its time they knew…
She started narrating the happenings of last week.

When she finished the girl just hugged her.
“I understand darling. We all have been through something like this…” she said.
“You can just move on to the next better thing na?” the guy asked gaining a smack.
“Don’t say such insensitive things to her. She is already going through a lot now.”
“I didn’t say anything bad. There are a lot of other fishes in the sea…”
“But I want my fish back.” The girl spoke.
“You will get it back dear!” the other female said as she dragged the confused guy back to their seats.

As the pair entered their cubicle they saw her smiling.
They just looked at each other.
“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” the girl asked him. He was already grinning ear to ear as he nodded. Setting their bags down, they both almost pounced on her.
“Is that it?” she asked the girl who was now smiling at her phone.
The latter just nodded.
“I am so happy for you…” she hugged her.
The guy just stood there with a confused look on his face.
“Why are you looking so lost?”
“I am happy for you. But I don’t understand why you two are so dramatic about it.” He almost shut his mouth when he saw both the girls glare at him.
“It’s just a phone…” he said to himself as he sat down.

You! Yes you! If you are smiling  or laughing now I am sure you either know a person who is obsessed with their mobile phone or you are the obsessed one. Well I am one such person as well. My iPhone is having some problems now and I am using my spare set. I miss my phone! :( *sob sob*
This story is for all those out there who are way too connected to their phone that they don't think of changing it until its absolutely unusable... We all share a queer connection to that object. We all know we should not love an object. But we just love it so much that we can never be separated from it. 

Pic courtesy: 123rf

Pastry Shop


It was a busy Saturday evening at the OMG Pastry shop. One cannot categorize it into a pastry shop though. They started it as one but started expanding their menu and now they also sell an assortment of pastas, pizzas, wraps, beverages along with baked goodies.

It was a small venture they all took up after a couple years of working under someone in some XYZ company. 5 friends got together and decided they are going to be their own bosses. What started off as a late night conference call ended up in the small yet cozy pastry shop that was always filled to the brim with customers. That too the weekends were hectic.

For her, this shop was the only thing that kept her going on. Having lost her parents in a road accident, she didn’t feel the need to go on with life. Except for this shop!
They were no professionals. But they all had a common passion. A passion for desserts…
Their only goal was to make people happy with their food.
When she had lost all hope in life, this shop was the one thing that gave her satisfaction. She held this little place very close to her heart.

Also if it were not for this shop, she would not have met him.

He was a regular there. No one knew his name or anything. But he would come there exactly at 6:30 pm every single day. His order was always the same. A cappuccino and a chocolate truffle… Sometimes he would order some take away as well. But that was a rare event.
Her friends hated seeing her like this. They wanted her to be the cheerful person she once used to be. They wanted something other than this shop to enter her heart. They also saw that he was interested in her. So the gang always made sure that she was the one to serve his order and after a couple weeks, she got used to it.

That Saturday, amongst all the crazy customers she spotted him entering the shop. A nod from him confirmed that he just needed his regular order.
As she placed the tray in front of him, he looked up. She realized he was smiling. She had never seen him smile.
Just when she was about to turn around she heard him say “You look pretty today…”
For a moment she looked down at her normal tee and jean clad body. She didn’t find anything different on herself today.
In the 5 months she has been his waitress and this was the first time he complimented her on something.
She smiled. Not the fake smile she managed for customers. But a genuine smile that reflected her true feelings…
She had another reason to hold this pastry shop close to her heart now.

Don't tell me you never had the dream of having your own restaurant or something of that sort. We all have that dream.
Some pursue it and some just let it remain as a dream thinking that its not our cup of coffee. But I have always wanted to put up a small coffee shop kind of thing, sell pastries, cookies and all. I even have a small plan as well. But not sure as of now. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh Wise Dhadha!

“Welcome to India. Have a nice stay...” the immigration officer smiled as he returned his passport.
He hailed a cab to this particular hotel where she had booked a room for him. He retrieved the invitation from his bag and smiled. When she called him a few weeks back, he did not expect an actual invite card to be dropped at his door step. And little did he expect the hand written letter inside that envelope.
He really liked the way she had taken time to write that letter for him. He felt special for a moment. His invite card was not one among hundreds that were posted. But he knew that was her specialty. She made everyone feel special by paying attention to the smallest details.
He had 7 hours to rest his jet lagged body. With thoughts of the little girl he befriended all those years ago he fell asleep.
6 years ago:
“Can you teach me about this calculation?” he heard her hesitant voice over the phone.
“But I am at the hostel now dearie...”
“Oh...” he could almost imagine her disappointed look.  “It’s alright... I will manage...” she said trying to sound chirpy.
For some strange reason he didn’t like the way she sounded. “I will be there in ten...” he hung up.
“Why do they hate me so much?” she cried.
He didn’t know how to comfort her.
“People say stuff because they got no life... Everything will get better. Don’t worry.”
“You think so?” she smiled a little.
“Your little brother is cute...” she smiled at him. He had to stifle a laugh.
“Tell him I said hi okay?” she said in her most naive voice not knowing the consequences of it.
I miss you... Things are almost normal here. And I decided its best I try to forget and go on with life...
‘I am glad to know things are getting better. J
I miss you too kutty...’
“Hi ma’am, there is a package for you. I am currently at your college office. Could you come and pick it up?”
She was puzzled. “May I know who has sent the package?”
“I am sorry ma’am. It is labelled as highly confidential.”
“Alright I will be there...” she hung up and walked to the college office.
There she saw no courier guy. She called the number again. “I am at the college office. Where are you?”
“I am waiting in the computer lab ma’am.”
She was way too confused now. How did a courier guy was even allowed to go inside their lab?
As she entered the lab she saw the guy she missed sitting there with a wide grin etched on his face.
“Surprise kutty...” he said as she hugged him.
‘Hey... I need some advice...’
He smiled at her message. She always came to him for any kind of advice.
‘Relationship advice’
You have come to the right person then... wait! Lemme call you...
After an hour’s conversation they hung up.
‘Thanks... I feel confident enough now...’
You are welcome kutty...
‘From now on I am going to call you Oh Wise Dhadha...’
He just laughed at her new title.
He never knew how much he meant for her until he got her farewell gifts. A batpod and a handmade greeting card! They were no brother and sister. Were they friends? They were more than that. He was her mentor, her guide and a shoulder for her to cry when she needed one. And what is she for him? A little girl who makes him smile.
As he entered the banquet hall, he looked around for a familiar face. He regretted not bringing his brother or sister with him. He didn’t know anyone there.
He started looking for her.
As he spotted her standing on the stage, he smiled. She hadn’t grown any taller. But her attire made her look so grown up.
He waved at her once he knew that she saw him. She almost ran towards him from the stage.
“I thought you wouldn’t come...” she said.
“Well I do have a decent reason if I had decided not to come!”
“And that is?”
“It’s not your wedding. So why should I even come?”
“So why did you come then?”
“Because it’s a good enough reason for me to meet you kutty...” he said making her laugh.


A story about how I found a wonderful person and how he still happens to be the guy I always turn to when I feel down or when I feel happy. 
Belated Happy Birthday Razik....  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Okay guys, I am going to try something similar to “How I Met Your Mother”. I kinda like the way how every episode begins.

Year 2023:
‘Kids, the November of 2013 was the best Novembers of my entire life. My boyfriend at that time Greg broke up with me on the 25th of October exactly at 10:30 pm through a text message.
I was devastated.
So I did what I usually do when a girl breaks up with me.
I started writing a story about our relationship. I was sharing the first chapter to all my friends via facebook.’
“Hey I just read your prologue… Its nice…” the curly haired guy next to my locker told me.
I just murmured a Thank you and closed my locker with a bang indicating him that the conversation ended there.
“You should try NaNoWriMo…”
“Nano what?” I asked him.
“It’s more of a challenge. You gotta finish a fifty thousand word novel in a month. Give it a try…” he said before walking away.

‘That had my attention.
I signed up for this challenge and found that there was a facebook group for it where people from the same region gather for this challenge.
Joining that group was the best decision I had taken up until then.
I was introduced to a whole new world. A world where I met people who were as crazy as me, people who were too philosophical to be true, who had gone through so much in life and still put on a smile making everyone else smile.
I did finish my novel that November.

And that is where I met all your aunts and uncles…’

I would probably tell this story to my kids as well. Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I got back my confidence and my passion for writing. Now thanks to A to Z challenge, I am getting better with my short stories as well. 
Pic courtesy: Poppy

Mad Hatter

“Dude… You cannot buy that!” his voice came out louder than he intended it to be getting a little attention.
Unfazed to all those details his friend’s attention was fixed on the hat he was holding in his hand. He was grinning so wide that one could not even imagine what was going on in his mind at that particular moment.
He just walked straight to the billing section and bought the 45$ hat.


He wanted to show her the recent purchase. He bought that utterly expensive hat because he knew she would like it. But how to show it to her?
They were on a time-out, if you could call it that.
They just decide let’s not talk or text and go on without contact for exactly a month before one of them gives up and texts the other.
Right now they were in another such a period.
A devious idea comes to his mind as he poses in front of his mirror and clicks a picture.


‘You look good!’
He couldn’t help but smile at the new message.
‘That hat really suits you… J
He almost jumped in victory at that message.
That was all he could think of.
Before the awkwardness could take over he sent another message.
It did cost me a fortune. It’s about 2200 rupees.
‘That much money didn’t go waste. You look handsome as ever…’
He kept grinning at the message so much that he almost missed the second ping his phone emitted.

‘My dear mad hatter… <3’


A lot of guys do things that only their girl will like and love, even cherish. Just like how he buys a hat thinking that she would love it, I am writing stories thinking that you all will love it. 
Pic courtesy: Jenny Palmer

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lil Brothers


“Hi, Am I speaking to the Co-Founder of Memories forever?” a female voice inquired.
“Yes maam. How may I help you?”
“I had booked your service for a shoot long back. The date is kind of nearing. So I wanted to re-confirm it.”
“What kind of shoot are we talking about ma’am? Also can you help me with the date?”
“It is a wedding photography. Its supposed to be in the second week of August.”
“I am sorry maam. But we don’t do wedding photography.”
“I booked this particular service when you were doing wedding photography all those years back.” She giggled a bit.
“Ummm... May I know who this is?” he was already smiling.
“It takes you so long to recognize me?” she started laughing. “It is my wedding. Will you do the photography or should I call up some other photographer?”
“Sis...” he laughed. “Of course I am going to be doing it...”
“Is this it?” her fiancĂ© asked as they both got down.
“I guess it is. I have only been to their previous dance floor.” She walked inside.
As she was asking for directions to the guy at the reception another voice came from behind her.
“Oi...  Ask him to take care of the hip-hop classes. I will be back in an hour...”
She turned around to find the very person she came in search of. A look of confusion and recognition was there on his face.
“Remember me?” she went near him. He was still confused.
“Dei...” she said as he laughed at the realization. “How are you sis?”
“I am getting married...” she extended the invitation card to him and that is when he saw her amused fiancĂ© standing behind her.
“Do I need an invitation to come?” he scratched the back of his head.
“How many little brothers you got?” he asked as they got back into the car.

“About 10 of them!” she said trying to keep count of them all. “But these 4 are my college juniors...” she added.
“You go in, I will park the car be there.” He smiled. He knew she wanted invite all of them personally. He wanted to meet all these guys and see why she held them all close to her heart.
“There is someone waiting for you in the reception.” His colleague interrupted his deep facebook analysis. Closing his laptop he walked out to find a few people sitting there.
“Who is waiting for me?” he asked the receptionist.
Looking at the couple who were seated in the far corner of the waiting hall, he couldn’t quite figure out who was coming to meet him at his office.
As the lady stood up he started grinning. “How are you Mr.Body Builder?” she asked him.
Looking at her hand and at the tall man standing next to her “You are getting married akka?” making her blush.
“He is on his way here. He came back from a sports meet last night only.” He spoke placing the phone securely in his pocket.
“I spoke to that palm tree last night. He said he will come if I get him a flight ticket from US.” She said drinking the cold coffee.
“Yeah! But he also knows that you would probably kill him if he doesn’t come.” Her would-be muttered getting a sharp smack on his head.
“Akka...” a fourth voice came from behind them.
She just laughed at this guy who was wearing a pair of sweat pants and plain white t-shirt.
“You better dress properly when you come for my wedding... You buffalo...” she said making him laugh.
“It has been a long time since I heard you scold me...” he grinned making all of them laugh.
He looked at the sleeping woman beside him. They were currently on a flight heading back to his native place.

He had first suggested that they could simply send the invites through courier. But she was stubborn about giving it personally to these guys. 
He wondered why. But now he understood. He just smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder. He finally met most of his brother-in-laws.


This particular story is about the bunch of juniors I met during my final year of college. I spent very little time with them, but we all bonded so well that they respect me as their sister. Well that does come with the infinite amount of teasing (both from my side and their side) I wish them all a very very successful future. :)
Pic Courtesy: Johan Derycke

Korangu Kutty


She was very tired. She even considered sleeping on the stairs. She knew her husband would probably laugh at that thought. Opening the door to her apartment she found the said man watching TV.
“Football again?”
“League match...” he spoke not caring to help her with the grocery bags. As she placed the bags on the kitchen table she finds a basket.
Just as she fumbles to find the tag over it her husband yells from the living room “A package came in for you...”
‘To my dearest Korangu kutty’
She just stared at the tag.
Just then she felt two hands snake around her waist. “I knew you were called a lot of nicknames. But this one is new...”
“This was the first ever nickname I got.” She smiled as she took out a chocolate from the basket.
“Who gave it?”
“A girl whom I used to call as elder sister.” She started munching on the chocolate. Right now his interest football flew out the window. He wanted to learn about this mysterious sister he had never heard about.
“Have you told me about her?”
“She even came to our marriage.”
“How come I don’t remember her?”
“Because she couldn’t stay long. Also I never told you about this nickname...”
“So tell me about it...”
Right at that moment her phone rings diverting both their attention.
“Why don’t you ask her yourself...” she switched on the speaker phone.
“I got your sweet basket... Doneky sis...” she spoke.
“I am assuming you already started eating.” a soft voice spoke.
“So whats with the whole korangu kutty thing?” her husband couldn’t wait any longer.
“Don’t tell me you never told your hubby about it...” she laughed. “That is how I used to call her when we were in school.”
“Yeah she just told me that’s how her elder sister calls her. Didn’t know it was you. Aren’t you younger than her?”
“I am... But for me she will always be the younger sister who plays around, makes a big deal to eat her lunch, pesters me to get her stuff and always asks for a hug...”
“You left out the way I jump around...”
“Well that is one main reason I named her a monkey. But then she is like this little monkey who would hold on tight to its mother. I am no mother to her, but I always protect her...”

“I still remember the way you fought with me because I made her cry...” the husband laughed making the other two girls giggle.
“So what’s with the sweet basket?” she asked.
“Oh well... It’s just that... I am pregnant...”

And that was the last thing the husband heard before his wife started screeching and jumping like she had just seen a unicorn.


There is this girl who just keeps playing with me. She is 23 now. But she is the childish girl who would suddenly ask me for a pair of slippers or would say that she is craving for a pizza now. She knows I am protective of her and well, I call her Korangu (meaning monkey) she lovingly calls me Akka (Elder sister) though. 
This story is for her. *runs before she starts throwing stuff at me*
Pic courtesy: TheFW

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Joker Guy


She let her thoughts go wild as she sat in the car. She wanted to visit all those places he had taken her to. He knew very well that she loved to visit new restaurants and try out all the new/bizarre dishes on the menu. She was the loner who always chose loneliness while he would barge right in and drag her to some place or the other.
“Should I learn that you are in town from your facebook update? Idiot!” she heard him scold over the phone.
“Been a busy weekend man... Didn’t have much time to inform anyone!”
“Fine where are you?”
“Home! Why?”
“Good... come down... We are going to the beach...”
She just smiled as she grabbed her wallet and rushed downstairs to see him waiting for her.
She just stood there as the waves touched her feet. That particular memory brought her a sad smile. As much as she wanted to be alone, she hated loneliness as well. He understood that within days into their friendship.
“He said all those horrible stuff you know. I can never forgive him.”
“So your solution to that is to avoid me as well?”
“You will go and fight with him if I told you all that and I know for a fact that I will blabber everything to you the minute I see you.” she looked down.
There was an awkward silence. He started playing with her hair clip that was on the table nearby. *SNAP*
She looked up to find the broken pieces of her hair clip.
“You donkey...” she smiled hitting him and making him laugh.
“That was a vintage clip you know...”
“I don’t care. If breaking that takes to make you smile, then it’s cool...” he said getting another hard smack.
She still had that broken hair clip with her. It makes her smile every single time.
“Its already 9...” she whined.
“We will have dinner and be back.” He said as she sat behind him on the bike.
“So where are we gonna have dinner?”
“I don’t know...”
“You gotta be kidding me.”
He just laughed and drove a little faster shutting her up.
She came back home pretty late. She wanted to go to that particular restaurant they visited one time. He had said their chicken fried rice was something to die for.
When they did bring out the chicken fried rice, there was no chicken in it. She kept scolding him the whole time while they ate the plain fried rice.
He kept laughing the whole time making jokes about the chicken less chicken fried rice.
He was that one friend who just wanted to lighten up the mood where ever he went. The joker like guy who absorbed all the sadness but emitted a cheerful aura...

They both drifted apart as life went on. Just like it happens in any other friendship. But she will never forget his lame jokes and his ways of making her smile.


 I was stuck on J since I hadn't thought of a title for J before hand. And then this guy came to my mind. I know exactly what he will say when he reads this. And I want to hug him at times as well. Don't you all have that one friend who just cracks jokes all the time so that there is no sadness when he is around? 
This one is for you stupid... 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I wanted to share something...


She hesitantly entered the room and sat on the comfortable looking chair. She liked that particular furniture there. Just when she was making a mental note to ask him about it before leaving, he entered the room.
“How are today?” he asked a subtle smile covering his face. She knew he was not supposed to smile at her. But he knew that his smile puts her at ease. So he smiles every time she comes to him.
“I am doing well.”
“If I am not wrong, our meeting was scheduled for the next week right?”
“Yes. But I wanted to share something with you. I am planning to meet you next week as well.” She beamed.
A part of him was not happy with the fact that she was glad to see him again and again. A greater part of him was just happy that she beamed about something. He had known her for a few months now and this was the first time she was truly proud/happy about something.
“So what is it?”
“I found out a way to relax. Well you have already suggested me those things. But none of them worked when I tried it out. So I combined some of it.”
“You see my office campus is a huge one. To get to the front gate you can use many paths. Most of them use the shortest way out. I chose the longest way out. That is through the drive way with all the trees on either side. I have a specific playlist for my walk back home. Those are the songs that either lift up my mood or put me into a deeper depression. I sing along the lines. Since no one walks that way, there haven’t been any causalities.” She laughed at her own joke.
“So you are saying you are calm by the time you reach home?”
“Kind of. It depends. But yeah! I get a little de-stressed. And there was something that happened last night. Every night I look up to see just clouds. I love the moon you see. Last night I glance up once there she is with all her glory and her calming effect. I got so happy. But then I look up again moments later and she is gone. It was as if she wanted me to see her. So she showed up just for me a only for a moment.”
He didn’t say anything. He just nodded.
“I got something for you.” She took out what looked like a greeting card and handed it to him. “Please accept it.”
As he took it, she bid him good bye and left.
There was a small letter to in the thank you greeting card.
‘Every time I say something, people tell me I haven’t seen much in life. They say they have seen harder times. They start comparing my life to theirs. That hurts way too much. Everyone has their own battles. While I am battling depression, anxiety and fear my mother battles her health problems. They haven’t seen how much I struggle to just fall asleep. They don’t see that my sleep gives me nightmares while sleep deprivation gives me health problems. They just say, be happy you are going through something that is not as worse as their life is. I would want to tell them off. When I say I haven’t had lunch, they need not take me to the cafeteria and make sure I eat. But the least they could do is not say that there are million babies in Africa that haven’t eaten as well. I know, even now I am ranting and that is bad. But with every happy thought I get, I get bad negative thoughts as well. Can’t help it.
I want to thank you though. No one takes time for my silliest happiness and achievements. But you do. I don’t think all therapists do that. I have seen quite a few so I know.
My relaxation technique works for a very small time. But I am happy that it does. Those happen to make my day and I go to bed with a small smile that I got to see the moon during that walk.

Thank you’

Do I have to say more to this story? I cried a bit while writing it. Never underestimate someone's pain. When you look from a distance it might look like a mustard seed but only the person carrying it would know the weight and depth of it. 
Thank you for the support from all you guys! My blog crossed 2000 hits! yay!!!!!
Pic courtesy: Andertoons

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hungry... hope there's pudding!


He scrolled down the forum. The last entry to it was months ago. He was not surprised.  When there was Facebook, who was going spare a second glance at good old Orkut? He was bored to death.
The forum was to list out your favorite dialogues from Harry potter books or movies.
Most of them were the usual ones. Mostly it was stuff said by Harry, Ron or Dumbledore. He found it boring as well. But he kept scrolling.
One particular entry made him stop.
He started laughing at that one line.
So he started stalking that particular profile. Seeing what all has been posted from that person. There was no profile picture and the name was set in some weird font that did not allow him to actually read and recognize the word.
He noted that the user was not that active now. 
So he did what he could do. Write them a private message and hope to gain a new interesting friend.


The ping sound alerted her of a new email. She opened it to see a notification alert from Orkut.
‘Orkut is still functioning?’ she wondered opening the message.
She couldn’t help but smile at the short message on her screen. This guy has just sent out a message to some anonymous profile.
‘Hi Loony (I prefer to call you that),
Hopefully you are good. I was just wondering why you had given that particular line as your favorite dialogue. It intrigued me.
I like Luna as well. She saw the world in a different way. I hope you are a person like her and I hope I can share your view as well.’

She hurriedly logged into Orkut and searched through the forums to see what she had posted that made him message her. She started laughing as she found the particular entry.

“Hungry… I hope there’s pudding…” by Luna Lovegood.


Luna Lovegood has been an interesting character that intrigued me from the first time she was introduced in the books and the movies. Evanna had done a nice job in the movies as well. What really stuck onto me was this scene where she says "Hungry..." to no one particularly. We all would be having that friend who would do that. I used to do it sometimes. Out of the blue I will ask a friend if we could go have brownies from CCD or just plainly start baking them at home because I wanted some. Happy Reading! 
*texts a friend to bake cuppy cakes*

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



“Did she give you too much trouble?” the elder woman asked the younger one as the latter handed the sleeping little girl to the former.
“No trouble at all didi. She was a darling as usual…” the younger lady smiled.
“I don’t know. Either she is all well behaved with you, or you are the one who is spoiling her…”
“I pick the second option” butted in the said child’s father.
“If her aunt doesn’t spoil her, then who would?” the younger lady stuck out her tongue at him.
“Alright, I got a call at 11. Will catch you tomorrow.” she got up and walked to her apartment which was across the hallway.
“Why is she in such a hurry? Its just 7 right?” he asked as he carried the sleeping child to his room.
As he gently laid down the child in deep slumber she uttered “goggy… goggy papa…”
Although anger filled in him, there was this happiness that rose in him shadowing the anger.

*Few hours back*

“Aunty see…” the little girl pointed at her work of art on the wall. Her aunty smiled. She truly did love that child.
“Come here goo goo doll.”
As the tiny tot sat next to her she spoke again “You remember what to call your daddy?”
She nodded vigorously. “Goggy papa…” she giggled.
Her aunty burst out laughing. She had always wanted to teach her the word groggy (her brother’s famous nickname) and yet his daughter pronounces it in a different way making it a whole new nick name.
She kissed the little girl’s temple “That’s my favorite goo goo doll!”


While a few of you might recognize who this story is based on, I would like to enlighten the ones who are wondering about this mysterious yet comical groggy. I met him last November and he was always this big brother I wanted to bicker with from the beginning. He helped me write my first novel and then he became my punching bag most of the times (we have never met each other though) We all called him grizzly (he looked like a grizzly bear) in the beginning. And when he did shave that beard, he was always sleeping or hungover and then we started calling him groggy which kind of stuck onto him for a while now. I would like to dedicate this particular story to him. *runs before groggy comes to catch me*

Monday, April 7, 2014



“Fucking stupid phone...” he threw the mobile on his bed.
“Is everything alright?” she peeped in through the door.
“My phone has gone bonkers. Fucking phone...” he sat down trying to switch on the said electronic instrument.
“Phones don’t fuck...” she spoke making him laugh instantly.
“Bloody fucking retards... Can’t they see where the fuck they are driving?” he kept on muttering as he drove his bike.
“You know sometimes I feel like I am sitting through some Quentin Tarantino movie when I am with you...”
He laughed again. “You left out Martin Scorsese...” he said earning a smack on his head.
“Calm down woman.”
“Shut up and drive.”
“Fuck fuck fuck...”
“Sheesh... will you stop swearing?”
“I just fucked up this report... I am so fucked...”
“Swearing is not going to help you know.”
“It relaxes me...” he spoke, his eyes still fixated on the laptop screen while she just threw him a bewildered look.
“You are weird man!”
“Why do you keep swearing all the time?” she asked as they were about to leave.
“I don’t know... It’s sort of like a reflex for me...”

“Great reflex you got there.” She laughed walking towards the elevator.


 We all have that one friend who just keeps swearing all the time right? Well in my group I am the one who swears so much that people start requesting me to stop using those words. Can never control though! :P