Friday, October 25, 2013

A not so normal friday night!

It sure has been a while now! Well don't let me waste your time now. On to the story!

The place was packed. Just what I wanted actually! I mean no sarcasm here. Maybe there is a tiny bit of sarcasm, but that is not the matter at hand now. We both occupied a table almost near the corner. By we, I mean myself and one of the popular girls from my class who happens to be a good friend of mine. If you think that I am also a popular person, then you are wrong. I am a typical nerd you would find in any class. But then I don’t stop myself from befriending people who belong to different categories. Heather is one such person who is popular but loves to hang out with nerds. She is sort of a nerd but then loves to party a lot which gives her a not-so-nerdy attitude.

Heather ordered the drinks. She knew what I would ask for so I distracted myself by looking around. I have always had the thing for observing people. Just observing them... Nothing more! But judging comes along with that right. So I try to make assumptions from my observations. I know I sound like a freak. But its how I have fun when I am doing nothing!
Heather was so much involved in the drinks that she forgot about the girl sitting across her. Well I knew she would do that. I slowly sipped on my mojito and looked around. It's just the usual. Teenagers dancing, grinding into each other, getting drunk and stuff. But I should be glad though. The club that I had been to last week made me sick to my stomach, literally. It looked like a college party. People were dry humping on the dance floor and worst of all some guys started puking and none of the club staff did anything about it. People just kept dancing making the already filthy dance floor even filthier. I kind of shivered as the image flashed on my mind.  

This club is a newly opened one and it's in a walkable distance from my place. Heather almost lives on the other side of the town. But her boyfriend promised to pick her up later! So that is one thing I need not worry about. Apparently he had to deal with something at his work and that is the reason why I am stuck at a club in the first place! 

It's not that I totally hate being here but I am more of a person who would rather snuggle up under the blanket and read a book or watch a movie than go to a club and get drunk. Heather went on to dance and I was left all alone. So it was just me and my thoughts again. I looked around until my eyes fell upon a guy who was looking a little out of place. He was just standing in the farthest corner of the club leaning against the wall. He didn't show much signs of having fun but once in a while he would whip out his phone and check out something. Probably he was texting someone or he was just noting down something. He looked really cute and I was wondering if he was waiting for someone to join him. Given that he had no glass in his hand I can safely conclude that he is just waiting for someone, probably his girlfriend or maybe just a friend.

Another sigh left my mouth. I looked behind me to see that heather was enjoying dancing there and diverted my attention back to the cutie. I spotted him just in time to see him turn down a girl. I could tell from the way he shook his head and the disappointed look on the girl's face. Not only is this guy cute but he is also loyal! You don't see guys like him much these days. Or he is just not interested in girls at all. But then he did not look like the kind of guy to check out other males.

Also something was just not adding up. He was still in formal attire. He did not look the least bit dressed for a club. Well neither am I, with my navy blue turtle neck and simple black jean. But then my case is completely different and I don’t completely look out of place. He was wearing a simple stripped shirt with his sleeves rolled up almost to his elbows. His shirt was tucked out and he was wearing a pair of black formal pants. Either he had come here straight from work or he didn't bother to get changed to come here. May be his girlfriend asked him to meet him there and he came here right away. Wow!!! This guy is just too good to be true. He is cute, loyal and punctual. He belongs to an almost extinct species called gentlemen. And I am going to look like a crazy person if I don’t avert my gaze from him.

Breaking my calm thought process Heather came back to the table. She looked a little tipsy. The girl must have had shots while on the floor. She could never control the way she drinks. "Heeeey!!!! What are you looking at?" She said and looked in the direction I was seeing before she came. Looked in “his” direction. And being the smart/drunk girl she is, she identified the cute brunette. "Wow! He sure is hot! Lemme go and ask him for a dance..." She announced and made her way towards him.
I sighed again and looked at her anyways. I wanted to know what he would do. Heather is the kind of girl no guy has ever turned down! I mean she is not popular for no reason! And tonight she sure is hot in that outfit. I saw her say something to him. Probably “hey cutie… wanna dance?” or something close to that. He looked at her and said something that made her angry.
Ok! It's time to interrupt. I quickly made my way towards them and tried drag Heather away. She was going on and on about how he is blind enough to say no to her and how stupid he looks to stand all by himself in a club. Then she did something I never expected her to do. She passed out in the middle of her sentence and was about to fall on him. But he caught her mid way. I quickly called up her boyfriend while this guy helped me carry her back to our table. He waited with me until her boyfriend came and helped me carry her outside the club. After sending her off he went back inside and stood in a different corner this time. I approached him and once I knew he was waiting for me to say something I said "Sorry and thanks!" 
He gave me this confused look. "Sorry about my friend and what ever she said. Thanks for helping me carry her and stuff."
He just shook his head "She was drunk. Not your fault really." 
Not able to keep my curiosity under control I blurted out "Whom are you waiting for?" 
He chuckled a bit and said "I am not waiting for anyone. I am here alone!" 
A thousand thoughts hit my mind at that point. So what exactly is a cute guy like him doing here standing in the corner of a busy club on a Friday night? But I couldn't exactly ask him that right. So I just stood there next to him.

"Wanna head out?" He asked. I just nodded and followed him out. Now that I looked at him closely he looks way more than just cute. With that groovy hairstyle and slightly tanned complexion he sure is hot! Again I was filled with a lot of questions. We walked in silence.
"So what is a guy like you doing all alone in a club? That too on a Friday night?" I asked. My mouth is not obeying anything tonight! 
"I came this side to grab a bite. Saw this club and just entered it!" He said. 
That still didn't make sense. "I mean I didn't see you dance or get any drinks... So what exactly were you doing there?" 
He smiled again. I noticed that he got dimples when he smiled and that just made him look even better.
"I came here to listen to new songs." He looked at me and continued after seeing my bewildered look. "Random songs are soothing you know..." 
It was my turn to chuckle. "You look like the kind of guy dunking down shots and having fun dancing" 
"I am more of the guy who stands in a corner. Not the kind of guy you would find in the middle of the dance floor." And then he added "You don't look like a clubbing person. What were you doing there?" 
"Well, I am more of the nerd who would sit at home right now watching movies. But I came here to give my friend some company. She said she was bored. That's why!" 
"And you didn't drink also?" He asked. Now how did he know that I didn't get any alcohol? Has he been watching me as well? Oh yeah! I don’t smell like alcohol or look like I have had any drinks right! For a moment there I thought a cute guy was checking me out. Who am I kidding!
"I believe that you can have fun when you are sober! So I don't drink!" 
He just nodded in an understanding way. We walked in silence. But this time it was a nice kind of silence. We reached my street corner and I stopped. "That's me!" I pointed at my apartment that was visible from where we stood. "Bye then!" I waved and started walking towards my house. 
"Wait!" He called out. I turned around. "I would be the guy on the dance floor if you were dancing with me!" He said which made me raise eyebrows. "So how about tomorrow? 7 o'clock?" He asked. 
I just nodded. He turned around and started walking. "It's Irene by the way."
He looked at me when I said "The name is Irene Stewart!" 


This story was kind of inspired by a person I miss a lot now. I would like to dedicate it to that person who had inspired me to write again and well we are not in touch actually. I know that they follow my blog once in a while and they would understand what I am talking about. 
There is no big story behind this one. Just that, I wrote the draft of it at 1.40 am on a weekday and then only I could sleep. Sometimes the story in your mind struggles to come out that it won't let you to sleep peacefully. 
Hope you all enjoy it and comment on it!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Small but True Smile!

Lately I have had little to no inspiration to sit and write. Not just stories, but even my journal or anything for that matter. I keep asking myself what has happened to me? I used to pen down plots for at least 2 stories /fan-fictions per day. Now I am not even able to continue my two different fan-fictions that have been in hiatus for almost a year. To add to my list of turmoils, my friends started commenting that I give a very forced smile for most of my pictures. I frankly did not see the point in it. I mean you have to force yourself to smile at your reflection when taking a selfie right? 
I am not the kind of person to smile at myself for something! But that is not what this post is all about. This post is the consequence of that comment. How do people differentiate between fake smiles and true smiles? I did not have a clue until I saw it with my own eyes not once but a few times under different circumstances. Now you all might be thinking "So what is your point?" Just continue reading and you will understand.

I knew this guy who totally believed in soul mates and all. He fell in love with his best friend and they are now happily engaged. Until I met him I did not understand the whole thing behind soul mates, love and affection on a total stranger. But then when I saw the way he looked at her, I understood. Every time he sees her a very small, subtle smile covers his face. Only if you look close, can you identify the curve in his lips. But then his eyes would be giving an altogether different meaning. That is when I understood what one meant when they said "His smile reaches his eyes"
This might be a cliche thing to say. But one other experience showed me how a true smile looks like. Read the below story to learn more ;)

Mondays are always the most cursed upon day of a week. I am sure every one of you would have cursed poor little Monday. I am one among such crowd. For some reason the buses are totally crowded on Monday alone. Either people are eager to go for work or they just want to get the week's worth work done as soon as possible so they could have an extended weekend. Well I am part of the group which goes to work on every single day mumbling all the way. So Monday is no different for me except the part that I had little time to sleep in the morning.
So there I was waiting for the bus. I had missed my usual bus and that was totally irritating since all the buses that came afterwards will be crowded like hell. Also the next bus was going to take at least 20-40 minutes. So I started doing what I was good at: Observing people.

The first person I saw was a girl, about my age I guess. She was constantly looking at her watch. She did not have a back pack or any kind of bag that might contain books. By the size of her hand bag I could tell that she might be of the working category. She turned around and I noticed that she was wearing a college ID. So she must be a final year student who has only her project work. That or she is bunking college to go out with her friends or boy friend. I decided it was the latter when a guy on an expensive looking bike came and stood in front of her. With a big smile she got on and left with a big vroooooooooom.
My eyes searched for the next target. Not many people were standing at the bus stop for long since everyone were running to get to their offices in time. I was still searching when I felt something near my leg. I looked down to find a puppy nudging me. A brown colored puppy which must be around a few weeks old. The stray puppy looked very skinny. Guess it's mother left it some time recently. As much as I wished to feed it, I did not have anything with me. Nor there were any shops nearby where I could buy some biscuits for it. After a little more nudging the puppy realized that I was worthless and left to find someone worthy who would feed it. I felt sorry for the pup and my eyes never left it.
No one in the bus stop tried to do anything. I even thought of running to the nearest shop (which was about 1.5 km away) to get something for it. Before I could do that I saw one guy bending and petting the pup. He looked like he was in his early thirties. I thought he was going to stop with that. But then he acquired a large enough leaf and laid it in front of the pup.
Then he opened his lunch box and put out some amount of his lunch on that leaf. The pup gave out a small bark and started eating it hungrily. Almost everyone waiting for the bus had their eyes fixed on the pup. But I shifted my gaze over the guy. He got up and went towards the small dump of garbage. I don't know how he did it, but retrieved a coconut shell. I mean how many of us would put your hand into garbage early in the morning while going to your office or college? But he did. And he did not have even a tiny frown on his face. He brought it near the pup and filled it with some coffee I think. He had been carrying all that in his bag. Guess he was going to some on-site work where you don't get food or good food. Or he must be the hygiene-freak who did not trust the vendors who made coffee in the shops. But I decided it must be the former and not the latter.
He then silently got up, packed his stuff and came to stand near me. I saw my bus approaching the bus stop. Looked like he was also waiting for the same bus. With much difficulty I got on the bus and searched for him. I saw his still standing there. I was wrong. He was not waiting for the same bus as mine. But then I saw him turn around to look at the puppy. That moment his lips curved. Curved so very lightly that one could doubt if his lips were still pressed in a straight line. His eyes gave out a warm and satisfied look that spoke almost a million words making me a billion thoughts.
I knew then and there that he was truly happy and satisfied. The pup had made his day! That was smile so small but so true that made my lips curve upwards involuntarily!

Now I know many of you will be getting questions and might even think that my thought process is funny. But there are some moments that make you happy even though you are not even remotely connected to the people involved in the scene. You are just a spectator and yet you feel so good. That is the true feeling of happiness. It is so contagious that it spreads so easily! But not all smiles can make everyone else around them smile as well! For most people a baby's smile and the laughter of innocent children is enough to make them feel good. But there is more to that list. We just don't know it, or worse we just choose not to acknowledge it! 
All of this really did happen. And after this incident I made it a point to carry a couple of biscuits with me so that I could feed these stray animals in that area. I did feed another puppy once and I have never felt happier than I did at that time. I am not saying that all of us should start feeding stray dogs. Not all stray animals are harmless. But then try doing something good once in a while and see how good it feels. That feeling will radiate through you and will make people near you feel good as well no matter how short the duration might be. 
P.S: This is not an advice or anything. Just a thought I felt like sharing!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just an hour

To: Bindhu
From: Anil
Subject: Enticing one hour of my life!!!

Hey Bins!!!!

How are you? Are you done with your god damn PhD? It’s boring here without my personal entertainer… I know you are rolling your eyes now and now you will have a stupid smile because I just know you so well.
You could be wondering why I am writing this mail now. Well I had an awesome time today and I cannot wait till our next Skype session to tell you about it.
So today Sriram was shifting from his apartment and I had gone to help him. We had taken an omni van thinking that he wouldn’t have much stuff and trust me when I say he has a lot; he has got quite a lot of stuff. For a guy living alone, I don’t understand why he needed so much kitchen items in the first place. I mean he eats out all the time, I know because I eat with almost always! We got about 30 cartons and realized that we had to do more than one trip to transfer all those stuff to my apartment. I have no idea how he is going to fit all of that in here anyways!
I was too darn lazy to sit in that van, so I told Sri that I will join him in the second trip and stayed back. His place has this awesome garden on the roof and so I went up there to get some fresh air. I stretched and sat on one of those benches. Just when I was about to doze off, I saw her. You see there is this 24 storey apartment complex right next to Sri’s complex and luckily his terrace was right next to a full size window. By full size I mean it should be almost 4 or 5 feet in length. As I sat there, this girl opened the curtains and I guess she went to put on some music or something. Then she started dancing. Dancing, not like the graceful dance you see those heroines do in movies. She was dancing in a really funny way, just like a little kid. She must be around our age only. That much I could figure out. I just sat there watching this girl dance without any worries. Well she sure would be having a lot to worry about given that she looks beautiful. But at that present time she was dancing like no one saw her dance.
Technically she thought that no one saw her, but I was watching her every move! Then she twirled around and saw me. Saw this weird guy watching her in her bedroom (I could say because I saw a small part of her bed)
Now comes the funny part. I, being the biggest idiot you could ever see, smiled at her. Now that I think about it, it was more of a grin and not a smile. And much to her annoyance I even waved at her. I think you just fell off your chair laughing.  So the girl just kept her hands on her hips and huffed before closing the curtains. But before doing so she said something and I think it was “jerk”.
I gotta tell you bins… that was the most entertaining hour of my entire life. That was also the hour I had a very big realization dawn upon me. What it is, you might ask.
I realized that I LOVE YOU!
Yes, I love you… That one hour I spent watching that girl was the longest time I spent watching a girl other than you. Yeah, I have dated a few girls so far… But never have I watched them from afar like I have watched you. And in that one hour, all I could do was think of you when I saw her dancing. She reminded me of you. I realized that any girl I see would remind me of you. And it took me not 20 years but just an hour to realize that I love my childhood friend.

Yours lovingly,

Wow!!! It has been a month since I put up a post. I have had very little inspiration these days. But I will try to write more in the coming days. That is not a promise though... 
It is always small things that triggers very big and deep thoughts in us. That is what I have tried to convey through this story. And no! I do not have such a big window in my room and I am not that girl. I usually make sure that no one is watching before I start dancing like that.  ;) 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Her brain told her that it was not a good idea to stand where she was standing and do what she was about to do. But she had turned a deaf ear to it! All that she wanted to do is cherish the moment. This might even be her last moment!!!
Valerie inhaled, loving the smell of the soil. Her eyes closed in the process, she raised her arms with her palm facing the now dark sky. People gave her a weird look as she was standing on the pavement of a busy road. But she could care less. 
It was raining! 
Not the total down pour that would make you stay indoors. But the pleasant drizzles that would make you come out. Valerie never understood why people ran away as soon as it started drizzling. Just a few drops of rain water here and there is not going to hurt anyone right! But she was also amazed when she had seen people walking calmly during a heavy rain.
May be her amazement is what made her take up Psychology! She had always wanted to learn more about people. The amount of surveys she had conducted during college just increased her curiosity about her fellow humans. 
There was one other thing that has never failed to fascinate her. Some call the concept as god, some name it as spirituality, some say that its a higher force. On the whole it all meant the same. She always chose to call this particular force as Mother Nature. She found herself falling flat at exactly why she came up with that name. But then it suited her current situation.
After finishing up her Under Graduate studies she had been spending a lot of time saying good bye to everyone she knew. Today was the last day at this particular place she had fallen in love with. She was flying back to her home town that afternoon and here she was standing in the middle of the road enjoying the light rain!

The city was not something youngsters would enjoy, but then the nature surrounding it made it a beautiful place to settle down. And that was exactly why Valerie loved this place. May be she didn't have much friends at this place, but she had a nice connection there!
It was ironical that she happened to stay in her first dorm room when she had come back for the graduation ceremony and meet the exact same people whom she had met on her first day to college. She realized that life is rather a circle and you are going to go through a lot of déjà vu moments.
What really made her day was the rain! She remembered that it was drizzling on her first day here. When people told her that college was a place to enjoy, she had believed them. But for her college was where she had no time to enjoy. Her days were filled with so much work that she had take a day off to relax!
On her very last day, she had her moment. The minute where she realized that this is all just a warming up session for what was in store!

She now had the confidence to face life no matter how hard it is going to be. And these very drizzles felt like a blessing from her Mother Nature! A blessing that said “You are ready!”
Smiling, she went back to her dorm to retrieve her bags! With a not so heavy heart, she boarded the flight letting her thoughts loose. The past 3 years ran like a movie in front of her eyes. She knew that college was not at all easy for her. For a small town girl like her!
She did not graduate with honours. But she was proud about her work! She had gotten a nice job at the end. When she heard the slightly audible claps from the crowd of 3000+ she knew what she had earned in this college. Not just a degree but also a few friends who reminded her that they were always there for her!

With so much of thoughts running through her mind she looked towards the window to find small water droplets and a smile covered her face automatically! She knew that she was ready!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Good Bye!
This word is my favourite word in the world. Because when people say good bye, they mean it. If they don’t mean it, they never say it.

Some say that this word ends it all. But I say that this is the word that happens to be the beginning for an awful lot of things. That too a lot of awesome things that will make you smile no matter what.

This blog post is not a story. To be truthful, I don’t even know how to make up a story around this single word because it’s too darn beautiful to make it fit into a small story! I could write even a 100 pages on it... (Well that is a bit of an exaggeration. But hey, this is my post and I get to write whatever I feel like)

One major reason I like this word so much is because it always helps us make friends. Now some people may think how that makes sense. You say a proper goodbye to your ex-lover; he/she would actually be your friend after that. A proper farewell will always strengthen the bond between individuals.

It is after a goodbye, my best friend actually started talking to me. It is after a goodbye, your teachers will no more be your teachers but your friends. It is after this very same goodbye, that you will gain a new friend who would always be there for you.

It was the last day of college and I saw a lot of people hugging each other, some even crying. Never be sad at a farewell!

I know that you feel sad because you are going to miss the other person or the fun you had at this place. But it is at this point where you should think of the future. Because farewells are always transition points, that will lead you to another new world or a new perspective.

I am glad that I managed to bid farewell to most of the people I came across during college and because of that I managed to get more friends than I had when I was in college!

I would like to dedicate this post to every single person I have met during these past 4 years! All of you taught me something in life and helped me become the person I am today...
I might have not spent years or months together with you, hell I might not even have spent an entire day with you, but please know that you will always be remembered by me! 
I am going to miss those persons I met and regretted for not meeting any time soon!

I didn’t cry while writing this. In fact, I was smiling the whole time!

Ja Mate Ne! (Until Next Time) 

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Funny Story About Bus Ride

I know that I am kind of digging my own grave my writing this post, much rather writing this blog. Not exactly the whole blog! Some people do like my stories. Its apparently these rantings that many people are not interested in. It does make my blog looks like a personal diary!
But honestly people! It is my blog and I wish to write what ever comes to my mind.. :P (I am smirking now)

Before you read this post, do read the stories. Because it won't make sense if you read this first and then read the post. It is a full time spoiler! 

Bus ride- Part 1
Bus Ride- Part 2

So I think this post will be rather interesting because many did ask me what exactly happened between me and that guy. 
I swear to god I just happened to see this man and he was in fact checking out a girl.
But I am not sure if it was me or the good looking lady sitting behind me. 

Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was actually checking out a girl or just staring into space. Because given that he works in the IT industry, I recently came to know that guys tend to do that a lot. They hardly do any thinking and these kind of transportation is the only place where they talk over phone to their parents, or think about how they are going to spend the following weekend. 

So back to my story... Well I just happened to board a pretty crowded bus and got to sit down after a while of standing beside a good looking guy. Well not good looking, he was decent looking. 

I gotta say that the Tamil cinema had a bad influence on me, and my mind started wondering how miraculous it would be if this was a cinema and this guy was the hero and were to fall in love with me. (Which is highly impossible given that I hardly looked at his face and probably he never even noticed me) But then I thought! 
You all know how one's hormones can work right!!! :-D

So I quickly wound up a story in my mind but I left it at that. I wrote it down almost after 6 months by which time I had forgotten how he had looked. (sobs) 

Also I was wondering how a guy's mind would work when his hormones work! So I worked out two perspectives and hope I got it right! No offense guys!

But I am happy that many personally commented that they enjoyed the bus ride. So I could assume that it has happened to a lot of people! ;)
I don't know if this was any funny to you people, but when I think about it, it does make me laugh a little. Remember, little, not lot!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

What gave 'An Evening'

One of the first comments after I posted that story was "Who is that guy?"
I had to Laugh out Loud for real! If I had found such a guy, I won't writing stories like this. 

So what made me write this particular piece? Well, I was home alone one evening. My parents will be coming back at night and I had no work to be done. So I took my mp3 player and my apartment keys. 
You see, my apartment complex had this small park like setup with a couple of benches, swings and sort.
As I went there and sat down I saw a few kids playing on those swings and the merry-go-round. 

The benches were not really comfortable to sit. So I looked around and located those square shaped constructions. 
I had no idea what they were for. But it was pretty comforting to sit there. 
As I let my thoughts wander, I started framing up this story in my mind. I wanted badly to use the park in my story. 

And also I want to make one thing clear! I am not that girl in the story! I have one awesome family and a super awesome life! I include sad stuff in one's life...
That is because, if youngsters were content with their family and life, they would never fall in love with a stranger for no reason. They already have all the love they can get. So it is a bit logical...
A person who yearns for love falls in love easily! :D

Correct me if I am wrong though. This is just my idea about love. 

If you ever come across a guy like "Venkat" , just don't let him go girls!!!!!

So read the corresponding story in the below link
An Evening


Monday, March 18, 2013

Truth or Dare - Behind scenes

There was this nagging feeling that just wouldn't go away no matter what. Whenever I posted a story, I would put up a small passage explaining how I came up with it. But then this blog is to narrate that part in detail right?

I almost smacked myself coming to that realization. Not only did I start this blog to share my stories, but also share the stories that were behind every story I wrote. 

So I decided to rewrite that part alone for every story I have posted so far. It might be a little confusing, but then I gotta do what I have to do right. That is the sole purpose of this "Never Narrated Stories" Blog!

Coming back to the story of "Truth or Dare" this was the story that made me come up with the idea for this blog. 

By the time I had met a lot of new people and whenever I told them that my hobby is to write stories, every single person wanted to read it! Apparently I was too lazy to send everyone a mail...

So I thought of starting a blog! 
Okay, I am just rambling...

After a long time I was actually volunteering to help a few people with the work for the upcoming intra college culturals.
It was so much fun working with people who are younger than you and they all come to you for help and advice. 

There was this particular duo that i was very much attracted to. They both happen to be best buddies and always wanted me in their group conversations because they must felt my awkwardness. I did feel awkward! 
One of them was a nerdy guy! Really sweet person, and has this innocent look on his face. 

But man, he proves the proverb 'Appearances are deceptive'

For some reason he felt that he could open up to me. I was a total stranger at that point. But he still did open up to me. I felt happy and inspired at the same time. 

He said he wanted to read my work and asked me to mail it to him. So the same night I came home and started working on his story and the blog. I never told him that I was going to put it up here. 

But even now he would get a little shy when I start the topic about my blog and people liking his story!

Thanks to this story, I gained not one but three little brothers....

If you want to read the story, then click on the link below!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Tears...

"Papa! Why is uncle crying?" Five year old Amanda tugged at her father's leg. 

Lifting her up, her father smiled and replied "He is crying because he is happy!" looking at the elderly man sending off his newlywed daughter with her husband. "People cry when they are happy?" The naive little girl asked. 
With a slight chuckle he said "You will understand that when you grow up child!" 

Present day:
"Thank you Father!" Amanda said as she looked at the small piece of paper in her hand. 
The priest just smiled "I am sure he will be happy to see you. Give him my regards!" 
She left the church clutching the paper with a determined look on her face. 
'Hope he is doing well. Am coming to meet you Mister!' she thought as she got ready to go home. 

3 years back:
Amanda was always a bit different from the other teens her age. She did have all the fun she could but she was also the type to help out at the church. Every Sunday one can find her cleaning up the church along with a few others and sits through the mass. This activity of hers made her close to most of the elderly people in and around that neighbourhood. She became everyone's favourite teenager there with her cheery smile and pep talks. It was a small church in her village. So it never got visitors from other villages since there was a very big Catholic Church in the next village, Oaklands. 

Being the only volunteer that particular Sunday, she found the work a little hard but manageable since the crowd was small and she knew almost everyone in it. 


There was this particular man who was a stranger to her. She was sure that he did not live in her village. But he was always there every Sunday. The elderly man looked like he was in his early 50's and always had a small smile on his face. He made small talk with people who sat next to him. 
Curiosity got the best of her and before she knew it, she was sitting next to him through the mass. 
They had a small 10 minute break in between and that was when she decided to ask him about his whereabouts. 

But before she could even open her mouth he asked her "I have seen you help out here. You live here?" 

"Yeah! I live a few blocks down the road. I see you every week. You must be living nearby!"

He gave out a soft laughter "I am not from your village dear child! My house is in Oaklands..." 

Before she could talk again, the priest started off shutting her up in the process. 

People started moving out; a lot of murmur and the rustling of coats were heard. Amanda stayed behind to clean up and saw that the man next to her made no move to leave. 

"Aren't you gonna leave?" She asked him.
"Nope! I would like to spend a little more time here if that's not a problem." He said looking at me and then turned back to look at the statue of Christ. 

As she did her work the elderly man got up and offered to help her. She couldn't decline his tempting offer and they both ended up cleaning the place together. 

"Thanks Mister... We managed to finish early!" She exclaimed. 

As they bid farewell with the priest and got out into the cold evening she asked again "How old are you man? You seem pretty active for an old person"

"Why don't you make a guess?" 

"Ummm around 50?" 

Giving off a deep chuckle "I am a 71 year old man!" He said. That made her jaw fall to the ground. 'He looks so darn young!' She thought. 

The old man made it a habit to come early every Sunday and leave late. He enjoyed being in the presence of young Amanda and she loved his company. 

One fine day she was clearing the leaves that had fallen on the grass bed. "Hey Mister!" She called out snapping him out of his day dream. 

"What are you dreaming about?" She enquired. 

"Just wondering the work of The Lord... He makes us live with no certainty and yet we always keep hoping for the best!" He paused before continuing "the lord makes us suffer so much and yet we come to him for comfort..." 
She did not half understand what the old man was talking about. 

Present day:
Amanda stopped her car near the St.Antonio's Church, the famous church in Oaklands. 
'It says 237C West Road... This seems to be west road but there is no house in the vicinity' she thought.  She looked around for some more time before going into the church. 

Inside the church she sees a lady who must be in her late 30's. "Hi, I am looking for Mr.Samuel Joy... Do you happen to know anyone by that name?" Amanda asked.

"I am sorry but I am new here. Please wait while I ask the head nun... She knows everyone in this village!" The lady replied and went in leaving Amanda all alone with her thoughts. Amanda sat down reminiscing her moments with the old man. A tear rolled down as she remembered the day he opened up to her. 

That day 3 years ago: 
"Why do you come here Mister? Your village has a bigger church right?" 17 year old Amanda asked him.

"That is because I love this chapel very much!" He said with a small smile adorning his face. 
"No! There must be some other reason! Tell me..." She urged him. 

He slowly took out his wallet and dug a passport size photo out of it. She noticed that his hands had started trembling while getting the photo from him. It was a picture of a guy who resembled him a lot.
 'His son I guess!' She thought. 

"That is my son. He loves to go around on his bike and explore various places. Out of all the villages he had visited he had told me that this church used to be his most favourite hang out spot..." 
At the mention of the word ‘used to’ Amanda looked up from the picture to see the old man in tears. 
"My son is no more... He died in a road accident a few months ago!" He said trembling. She just hugged him. 
"It's alright Mister... Your son is with The Lord now. He is happy there!" She tried to comfort him. 

"I am just waiting for The Lord to take me with him. I got no one else to live for!" He cried to her. 

"Please don't cry Mister! You have got The Lord to live for. I am there for you right!" 
The last few words made him smile through his tears. 

Present day:
Amanda was torn away from her day dreaming by the nun's voice. 
"How may I help you my dear?" The old lady asked. 

"I am looking for Mr.Samuel Joy. The address says 237C, West Road. But I don't find any other house in the vicinity." She answered. 

The nun became quiet for a moment. "Please follow me." She said and walked through the back doors of the church. Amanda looked around and saw that they were walking through a cemetery. She did not like the strange feeling that crept through her. The nun stopped at a particular head stone made from black marble. 

"The Samuel Joy you were asking for is sleeping peacefully here!" The nun answered. "Are you Amanda by any chance?" She added. 
All Amanda could do was nod. She was trying to digest the details mentioned on the tombstone.

A good teacher, husband, father 
Pastor Samuel Joy (1939-2011)

"He was a priest?" She asked in disbelief. 

The nun was surprised. "He never told you that?" 

"I did not even know his name!" Amanda said gaining a very amazed look from the nun. 

"That's news. He always speaks about you! I wonder why he never mentioned anything about himself to you..."  Amanda just kneeled beside the stone as tears rolled down her cheek. 

"He has said a lot to more than just his mere name..." She said.

3 years ago: 
It has been a year since Amanda befriended the old man. They both were so close yet she did not even know his name and he did not know hers.  She was accepted in a college that was located in the city.

She was leaving.

She met him at the church as usual that Sunday. 

"I am leaving Mister!" She said. He was silent. 
She looked up to see him smiling. "Aren't you sad?" She asked him.

"Why would I be sad? You are just chasing your dreams. I am happy for you!" He said. 

There was a silence that prevailed.

 "You know, my son would have been in college now if he were alive today... He couldn't, instead you are going! I am very glad" 

Amanda couldn't find the strength to say good bye... 

"Please be happy alright" she said hugging him. 

He broke the embrace and looked into her tear filled eyes. "Honestly speaking child... The departure of my soul from this world is the only thing that can make me truly happy! I cannot give you false promises that I will try to be happy..." 

She hit him lightly. She hated when he spoke like this. "Fine! At least promise to take good care of yourself..." 
He laughed a bit and said "That I can do!" 

Just when she was going to step out of the church she turned around and said "By the way my name is Amanda!" making him smile. 

Present day:
She had stopped crying and narrated everything to the nun. How she met him and how they spent their Sundays together. When she came back for the holidays she could no more find her favourite old man and started searching for his name. 

Fortunately he had donated some clothes for the church and they had his details on the register. That was how she managed to find him. 

"Don't worry my child! He is always with us!" The nun tried to comfort her. Just then there was someone to see the nun, Amanda was left alone again.

A small smile spread across her face when she realized something. The smile converted into a wider one. She remembered his last words to her. She realized that he is truly happy now and that made her smile like a mad woman. 

A single tear rolled down from her right eye*. 

 I would like to dedicate this story for the old man who used to greet me every morning at the temple. I am sad to tell you that he is no more now. Just like Amanda even I never learned his name, not even now I know his name.
I miss you old man! 

*In case you did not get the hint about the last line, I read somewhere that when you cry out of happiness the first tear drop comes from the right eye and if you cry from sadness the first tear comes through the left eye. I don’t know if it is proved. But I thought I will use it here!

I have been typing the entire story in my phone all day. I couldn't stop myself from writing it like this. I didn't want to forget the story that quickly formed in my head when I learned that I have to spend a long day at work sitting idle because I have no work allocated for the day :-P 

Anyways I hope you all enjoy the story! Not the usual romance stuff, but this is a little deep.
Pl ignore if you find any typos. Or post it in the comments and I shall correct them. :)


Monday, February 18, 2013

A song- depiction of so many stories

I’m always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere
On the opposite platform, in the windows off the street
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If my wish were to come true, I would go to your side right now
There would be nothing I couldn’t do
I would put everything on the line and hold you tight

If I just wanted to avoid loneliness anybody would have been enough
Because the night looks like the stars will fall, I cannot lie to myself
One more time, oh seasons, fade not
One more time, when we were messing around
I’m always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere
At a street crossing, or in the midst of dreams
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If a miracle were to happen here, I would show you right away
The new morning, who I’ll be from now on
And the words I never said “I love you”

The memories of summer are revolving
The throbbing which suddenly disappeared
I’m always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere
In the town at dawn, at Sakuragi-cho
Even though I know you wouldn’t come to such a place
If my wish were to come true, I would go to your side right now
There would be nothing I couldn’t do
I would put everything on the line and hold you tight
I’m always searching for your fragments of you to appear somewhere
In a store during my travels, in the corner of newspaper
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If a miracle were to happen here, I would show you right away
The new morning, who I’ll be from now on
And the words I never said “I love you”

I always end up looking for your smile to appear somewhere
At the railroad crossing, waiting for the express to pass
Even though I know you couldn’t be at such a place
If our lives could be repeated, I would be at your side every time
I would want nothing else
Nothing matters except for you

I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this particular piece.
No! It is not my original. I don’t write such a good song or anything close to poetry. This is a song that is played towards the closing title of the movie. A Japanese animation movie to be exact!
This particular movie named ‘5 centimetres per second’ makes an impact on you. Everyone reading this song can relate it to someone in their lives. The actual song is in Japanese and I just compiled all the subtitles.
I would suggest everyone to watch not just the song, but the whole movie that spans for about one hour or so. You won’t regret it...
Given below is the link of the movie in english!

Worth sharing... 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soul mates


“Shall we start mother?” Helena heard her son ask her. She nodded lightly and got up from her favourite easy chair that was put near the window.
At age 94 she was pretty healthy and running. Richard started the engine after locking the door for her. She smiled at his gentlemanly action. ‘No wonder he is a heart throb!’ she thought as they got out of the driveway.
No one would have guessed that this lady dressed in black is actually 94 years old and had a grandson. She looked at her gloved hand. Those lacy gloves were a gift from ‘him’
She was supposed to meet him this weekend for tea. But she was going to see him for one last time today. He was the one person who had completed her. No!
The ‘he’ I am talking about here is not her husband. Helena’s husband died almost a decade ago. She did love her husband. But there was always something that kept her around him all the time.
She called it fate, he called it as life.
Tears threatened to spill. She had never imagined getting a call from Joanne the previous night.
Previous evening:
 Helena heard her mobile awakening her from her evening nap. Grumbling about the timing sense of the caller she attended the call without seeing who had called her.
“Helena speaking!” she said.
“It’s me Joanne...” she heard his wife speaking.
‘That’s odd. Joanne never calls me...’ and that is when she decided to check the caller ID. Joanne was calling her from Steve’s mobile.
“It’s Stevie...” she heard the other woman pause and a lot of sniffling. She felt her spine go chill as she dreaded to meet her worst nightmare. “Stevie is dead Helen!”
“How?” was the only word she was able to utter.
“The doctors said he died of stroke. One minute he was fine and the next he just fell down and... and...” she heard her cry.
“I will come there right away!” Helena got up. But sat down again as she heard Joanne’s quick no.
“It’s already late in the evening Helen. It is better if you come tomorrow for the funeral.”
After a few words of comfort, the conversation got a little awkward for both of them.
It was one of Steve’s predictions. ‘One day you both will have nothing to talk about and your conversation will be awkwardly silent’
She never expected for his prediction to come true this way.
Helena just sat there on her easy chair letting the news sink in.
Her best friend had died.
As they drove past a particular area, she was hit by a wave of memories. Wave is an understatement.
The neighbourhood that she grew up in. That was where she first met Steve – Steve Harron.
He was the bubbly little guy who lived a few blocks away. She did not remember how they became acquaintances but she did remember walking to and from school with him. He was a year elder than her and that gave them lesser time to spend during school hours. They both had their own group of friends at school and had a totally different personality.
But while walking back home, they both were totally different towards each other.
He was always there to protect her no matter what. He was in fact her knight in shining armour.
Naturally they were identified as a couple. But both of them had the habit of denying it. Others just shrugged and told them, no challenged them that these two are going to announce that they were a couple one day or the other.
The Harrons had to move to another city when they were in high school.
Steve had gifted the same pair of gloves to her on Prom Night. She was amazed at how it still fit her hands. It was his farewell gift. They both promised to keep in touch.
Promises are made to be broken. And at one point they broke their promise and lost touch. There were no more phone calls, no more mails exchanged. Though she had a nagging feeling about missing her best friend, she still went on with her life.
Finishing school, she joined college and that was where she met her husband Peter.
She met him again on her first anniversary date. Her best friend, her knight...
He was with another girl (not Joanne) and Helena combined it to be a double date.
Peter saw that she behaved so differently with Steve.
She learnt that Steve had started his own business and it was going pretty well. When she was offered a job at Steve’s firm she readily accepted it.
Peter finally understood that she was not behaving different with him, but she was being herself.
His love for her made him understand that and that was when he had abruptly proposed.
Of course Steve was the best man and Steve’s steady girl friend, Joanne was the maid of honour.
She had always felt safe when she was with Steve. Fights with Peter always ended at Steve’s place because that was the only place she would run to. No one could ever understand the relationship these two had.
It was not just friendship that kept them bonded. They had a deeper bond that was running between the two.
“Soul mates!” one evening Joanne exclaimed as she was brewing coffee for the other three.
“Uh?” was the reaction all three had given her.
“You two are soul mates!” she pointed out at Helena and Steve.
“Soul mates are just two intertwined souls that are destined to meet each other. They complete each other...” she explained.
That did not make sense to any of them.
“Soul mates need not necessarily fall in love or anything... They are just two souls who cannot be separated from each other no matter what. They will meet each other in their other births also!” she further explained.
Helena did not know why she was remembering that particular conversation now.
She was pulled out of the tsunami of memories when her son parked the car in the parking lot of the cemetery.
Straightening her dress as she got out, she carried a small bouquet of yellow roses.  It was strange selection of flowers particularly for a funeral. But yellow roses had a meaning.
 It symbolized the promise of a new beginning.
A promise to meet him again! If they were soul mates that is!
“I hope to meet you again Steve!” she said her last words to him as they closed his coffin and lowered it into the ground.
She did not speak to anyone for the next two days.
The following night, her grandson had asked her for a story and she recited the story about herself and Stevie grandpa.
The entire family had gathered that night around her to listen to the story of a beautiful friendship.
That night she went to bed very late. Her relationship was just not a simple story for her to finish early. The next day, she did not wake up no matter how much her grandson tried.
She found herself outside her old home where Steve would wait for her.
“Took you long enough.” he huffed.
Hitting him playfully Helena started walking with him. “I thought you had left me behind!”
“I just came here early to check if everything was good enough for my princess!”
“Thank you my knight!”

This is small story that was inspired by two different fan-fictions. I have always wondered how friendship between a girl and a boy would change. It should not change. It never will change. That is friendship! 
I want to dedicate this to two different guys who have been a great support for me all these days!